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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop tv Review

In the semi-distant future, bounty hunters have become a major reality. Cowboy Bebop follows the crazy antics of two bounty hunters named Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. Throughout the anime they come across many odd faces of bounties and even some friends.

By the middle of the series, the Bebop - the ship Jet owns as an HQ for his team - is filled not only with Jet and Spike, but Faye Valentine, a beautifully dangerous bounty hunter, and Ed, a crazy 9-year-old tomboy master hacker. Throughout the 26 episodes and one movie (that takes place between episodes 24 and 25) the Bebop crew go through many bounties and crazy adventures just to scrounge around for some type of income to keep them alive.

Bebop is an anime for the people who love comedy mixed with great action and drama.

Story & Characters

I guess there are not too many people out there who havnent seen cowboy bebop yet, but if
you´ve been living under a rocj for the past four years ( or missed this great anime for some other reason) this review is for you! F
First of all its remarkable that cowboy bebop isnt your average anime, since there are almost know references to japanese myth or culture or history whatsoever, making this a very "western" anime, even enjjoyable for people who think animes are cheesy and weird most of the times. Western is a good point here, or better space western that is.
Cowboy bebop is like a mixture of star wars and high noon, with the most stylish, cool and
sleeque characters you'll find in all anime. The main characters are Spike Speagal and Jet,
two bounty hunters who search the galaxy in their spaceship, the bebop, for a new bounty to hunt. Ironnically they are allways broke and nearly starvation, wich makes them do almost any job if only the payment is right. They cross ways with a lot of evil villans, many of them being connected to Spikes mysterious past, which gets uncovered more and more troughout the eoisodes. They soon unwillingly get a larger crew as well, teaming up with the sexy female Robber Fae Valentine, a weird computer genius kid called Ed ( of whom nobody's sure if he's a boy or in fact a girl ) and a cute dog.
Together they experience some of the strangest adventures you may ever experience in anime, containing space battles, fast dog fights, and stylish shootouts.

Rating: 8


The art of Cowboy bebop is outstanding, and definetely better than most animes produced for tv out there. The animation is stylish and sleeque, just like the awesome and mature character design. Spike and Jet are probably the collest looking characters I know, and Faye
is just beyond sexy. Theres also a lot of cg graphics, especially in the dogfights and space scenes, but unlike in other animes, it blens in nicely with the drawed action.
The backgrounds are very detailled and beautifull a s well, which creates a very nice overall picture.

Rating: 9


Even though the art is outsatnding, the music is probably the best in cowboy bebop. I know one should be carefull about giving a rating of then, but who knows the series understands that nothing else would do here :)
It contains of Blues, Bebop, Jazz and Soul, and each style is performed so perfectly by the seatbelts ( who did most of the ost), that any hollywood movie componist should be jealous.
What can I say, everyone should check out the stylish and cool sounds himself and buy the OST!
'nough said!

Rating: 10


Well people, you may have guessed by know, but if each of the categories before was near perfection, same must go for the overall presentation, right? :)
Never before have I seen such a perfect combination of cool and lovely characters, great music, outstanding art, drama, comedy and romance. Name anything that makes an anime worth watching - cowboy bebop has lots of it! I don't wanna seem like overhyping this thing, but it is in my opinion the best anime out there right know, probably with evangelion, but defenetly easier to enjoy and understand. Very few (if any) filler episodes, as well.
And the action in this one has, let me say it again, pure hollywood quality. As said before,
you've never seen such great and fast dog fights and shootouts in any kind of animation.
The ending is also one of the best I´ve seen, it will probably make you cry to let go of the characters you´ve shared such a great time with.
What more can i say? Didn't i make myself clear? Go buy the Dvds and watch that thing! you won't regret ist, I promise.
See ya, spacecowboys!

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by kackschredder, Jan 10, 2005


  1. xnla Feb 01, 2005

    es uno de los mejores animes que he visto , y lo mejor de todo es el final, aunque no me gusto que murtera spike

  2. soujiokita Mar 31, 2005

    Your review is very good, if you wanted to know, Ed is a girl.

  3. PhieN May 14, 2005

    yeah2 u'r review is very good!!

  4. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  5. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice review, it has some structure to it and I can't argue against the ratings.

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