stormy001's Raimuiro Senkitan Tv Review

Raimuiro Senkitan tv Review

Story & Characters

After the Meiji Reformation, a special task force is setup to combat evil demonic (!) elements of Russian Empire made up (surprise, surprise) of 5 females which covers all hentai stereotypes that you can imagine. One elegant,one bespectacled, one sporty, one traditional and one who has brother complex. Whoop be doo. Using holy powers and their sheer determination out to protect their dreams and country, the maidens was marooned in a latest Imperial Japanese battleship with no eligible males within 30 km radius, to wait for a special tutor to show them ways to realise themselves. (in other words, a great setup for hentai but reekingly stink plothole for hentailess TV series)

The year is 1904, and Imperial Japanese Navy is set out to fight the evil forces in name of humanity (yeah right) in undisclosed location, north of Japan. (yeap, it is China but it is pooh poohed in the anime).

The problem of Raimuro is lack of comprehension that viewers should be treated as human beings, not ignorant fools. Sure not many people know about Russo Japanese war in 1904-05 but the rendition of Imperial Showa Japan as benign and kind nation is simply so wrong. In retrospect, Japanese and Russians were fighting over weak China. Japan is the one who started the war with sneak attack on Port Arthur anyway.

Instead the anime try to blind us by giving elobrate and detailed panty shots from episode 1. The mechas are laziest design and concepts I ever seen plus irritating female characters that is geared to satisfy hormone driven teenager otakus who yet to get laid in real life did not help. Their personality is just as cliched as any hentai ren-ai games can get. Flat and perdictable as hell.

And what´s with teacher role in the story anyway? All he ever did is get flustered by panty shots and amorous female attention on board. What did he do to deserve such things? I have absolutely no idea.

I rather watch Kogepan or Ebichu than this crap, seriously.

Rating: 1


The anime did have some modicum of art to present itself, afterall, its originated from ELF hentai ren-ai game. Colours is lush and nothing is spared to make it as appealing, cute and at the same time suggestive in a way. I mean there is must be a reason why a ranked military girl running around on a battleship in glaring red pink dress tied by white ribbon, right? (Momen reference here)

Artwise, it is good enough for its genre. The females did look good and sexy in its own way. But it only applies to 2 characters in the whole cast.

SFX is non-existent, since it did not have much fighting scenes. The mechas is pretty minimalistic and non-sensical. The fight scenes is errr, okay if the viewer is near comatose stage or dead drunk while watching it.

In conclusion, the female art is quite good but everything else is on cheap budget and minimalistic at its best. Indifferent background and uninspired machine designs including the battleship did not lend any strength to this anime. Just casual, cheap manila card based props.

Rating: 6


The OST and singles of this anime serves the purpose. They have rudimentary OP and ED which based on some J-pop mixed with some traditional piece, here and there.

Other than that, I am hardpressed to recall any good musical piece from the anime.

Due to 500 word minimum, I am trying to figure what else to write in this section. Perhaps the best piece is the intermission which lasted about 3-4 seconds when the series taking a break half way.

I can't even remember the title of OP and ED, which shows how mediocre this aspect is.

Rating: 2


This is worst anime of 2003, and, certainly I did not survive long enough to find out the conclusion of the anime. The major issue here is the meta-story is based on hentai input but the series chickened out from it since it is to be shown on TV. Thus, the otherwise might be more entertaining kinky parody version of vastly popular and superior Sakura Taisen turns into a sorry joke. The anime manage to shot itself in the foot before they even started by trying to make it PG 13.

The anime has nothing but abusive streams of pseudo sexual scenes and suggestive situations, heck even the enemy themselves is pretty much on voyeur friendly show-offism themselves. (The Russian chick who is ex-flame of the tutor)

When I realised that I was having more fun watching a story about horny hamster (Ebichu) as compared to Raimuro, I knew straight away that this anime is really a huge stinker. Heck, even Bible Black or Legend of the Overfiend has more soul than this half hentai-half kiddy anime.

The story and plot is certainly horrifying and deadpan formulaic for its genre. I don't see any reason why anyone wants to watch this unless they really hardcore fans of original game. It is just basically a man who is named Shintaro goes to a battleship populated by hot young, barely legal girls who very eager to please or stupifyingly naive; absolute perfect sexual fantasy.

This good example what anime should not be. I have troubles maintaining civility while typing out this review, as I am quite angry that I wasted a fraction of my life watching this puke.

Finally, for anyone who values their sanity and their brain cells, stay far away from Raimuro. Watch it when you really bored or pissed drunk. Then, the anime might seen better, hopefully.

Or even better, play the game. At least you got to see them butt naked instead of cheap panty shots like in anime.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

2.0000 (very poor)

Reviewed by stormy001, Jan 06, 2005


  1. back07 Jun 23, 2012

    nice review, why you think it worst ?
    i think this is good anime

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice and simple review.

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