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Naruto tv Review

Once, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked Konoha, the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Many brave ninjas lost their lives defending their home. Finally, the demon was sealed by the Fourth Hokage into the body of a human boy. Several years later, that boy, Naruto Uzumaki, struggles to gain the acceptance and acknowledgement of the villagers, many of whom still hate him because of the demon inside him. So, Naruto strives to become the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village, so that the villagers will acknowledge him. Along the way, he gains many new friends, and faces many life-threatening situations.

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Story & Characters

A nine tails demon fox attacks a hidden nija village. But one of the strongest ninjas seals the Demon Fox inside a newborn's body, Naruto's... This boy, when he grows up, wants to become the Hocage (leader of the village) but as noone really recognizes him, he has a long fight to give... Nice story, with many japanese culture but becomes kind of slow in the last shown episodes... The fights are very intense and everybody seems to be dedicated to his purpose. Will Naruto be able to become the strongest in the end?
Aiders in his journey will be his sensei (teacher) Kakashi and his two teamates Sasuke and Sakura. Everyone has his strong points but also his weak. So, they will have to battle even against themselves. It's an anime full of ninja action!

The turnovers are also something that will keep you in front of the screen. There is a lot of suspence and you will always be wondering what's going to happen in the nest episode.
Finally, the story of Naruto promotes moral values such as friendship and loyalty. This is a very good pointof it because it's an anime that has something to give.

Rating: 8


The artwork can be considered modern and accurate. The charachters have their own distinctive stye and various accessories that remind us of the imaginary world of the ninjas. Shurikens, swords and everything are very well drawn. The background are fine too and represent very nice the hidden village and also the outdoors... Everything looks alive. Sometimes, you will notice dissapointed that the artists were bored to give nice animation to some fighting scenes. This made me angry, but at least few are these scenes.

Rating: 8


The sound is very nice. The music themes are various and the nature feels like real. The music changes many times during the fights but sometimes you will notice that it's always the same rhymes... They are of course many but since they are changed all the time, they pass on quickly. In general the audio part of this anime is above just good. The CD which contains the OST can prove this. Generally, the rhymes are strong, matching to the fast paced battles, something that can transfer very well the passion of this anime to you.

Rating: 8


This is considered one of the best animes released in 2004... It has become a very important anime for all otakus and serves its famousness well since every episode tends to go even deeper in Naruto's story. Unfortunately, during the last aired episodes, the progress is mede even more slowly and there are many fillers. Since the series follow the manga, there must be some time between the manga relased and the episodes, and that's the problem. Naruto will make everyone really love it because it's one of the addictive animes. The characters seem to be alive and it won't be ridiculous if you fall in love with Hinata or want to be like Naruto. I reccomend this extraordinary anime as a must-see. It may not be deeply-thought as the Evangelion but it sure is among the best...
Finally, you can read the manga that started it all... it may be exactly the same as the anime but in many scenes you will end up laughing on the floor. Just watch Kakashi talk in his calmness or watch Naruto yelling... This anime will definately steal your heart...

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by polaralex, Dec 27, 2004


  1. polaralex Dec 27, 2004

    Alright... since you didn't like the previous review, I made a new one... I have said everything I could... I hope u like it... ^^

  2. harakiri Dec 28, 2004

    Well I completely don't agree with the story rating. It should be 3/10 because it is just a normal shonen-subject ('I want to be stronger' ). The fights are predictable and the story lacks the surprises and the turning points (it is just everything the same).

  3. polaralex Dec 28, 2004

    whatever... but it's me who writes the review... :D Naruto is my favorite anime...
    It may just not be your type...

  4. Ylnss-sushi Jan 01, 2005

    no i have to say i do not agree with the german guy.........i mean sure every1s allowed there opinion but 3/10 thats being totaly harsh.
    to be honest i do not think that the fights are predictable n thu fights you get to learn more about a particular character, theres always variety n something different!!
    NICE review!

  5. DragoonzDead Feb 15, 2005

    i like kakashi hatake

  6. Ronnin Feb 17, 2005

    YO! well i like naruto cuz i like fighting and shinobis , at first i liked dragon ball which i still like but after i saw naruto i almost forgot about dragon ball.

  7. sanatos Mar 17, 2005

    naruto... is one of my favorite anime. kakashi hatake is one of the best character with uzumaki-naruto. the fights with shinobis and others is so great but they drag a lot with bla bla bla bla. anyway NARUTO FOR EVER

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2005

    Naruto is definatly one of the best anime shows I've seen. I didn't really want to watch it at first 'cause I thought that an anime with ninja's in it would get, lik, really boring after a while, but I was surprised. Naruto is now one of my favorite anime! And I agree with Sanatos, Kakashi-sensei is one of the best characters (though my favorite is Itachi!). Yes, some episodes drag on but they make up for it. Anyways, I have to say that Naruto rocks!

  9. xiaoru May 09, 2005

    i'm quite confuse that konoha village is a hidden village??
    but anyway..Naruto is a brilliant anime... :)

  10. ueon Mute Member Jan 05, 2006

    naruto is amazing, but got somewhat boring after sasuke ran away. I like how they draw their noses.

  11. polaralex Apr 21, 2006

    But now, in the latest episodes, Naruto has really become a bit b0ring... -_-

  12. Cinderalla Dec 14, 2006

    Brazilian fans finally will watch Naruto at Cartoon Network!Wow!May I see my dear...the strongest...the most handsome and smart ninja...Gaara!I loooooooooooooooooooooooove Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara!

  13. beryl0402 Mar 15, 2009

    personally i think bleach is better. the art and the story is awesome.

  14. Sanisa Sep 21, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  15. rukasu44 Nov 12, 2010

    I really like Kakashi, he's too smart.

  16. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Could use a lot of details and depth to the story and characters, but it's not a bad review. I wouldn't have rated it such high ratings, but that's how opinions are.

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