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Tegami Bachi tv Review

In the land of Amber Ground, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun, there's monster creature called Gaichuu. They like to eat "heart" contains in a letter.
Tegami Bachi or Letter Bees are couriers that deliver and protect those important letters and packages.
Lag Seeing is a human letter that Gauche Suede must deliver. After a wondrous journey in which Lag almost died and saved by Gauche, they become a close friend and promise to seeing each other when Lag become a Bee. The manga then follows his ambition and the path of his idol Gauche who went missing...

Contributed by Azh

Story & Characters

The land of Amberground is shrouded in an eternal night, only illuminated by the artificial sun that sits above the capital city of Akatsuki. A courier service exists to deliver peoples letters across the harsh and unforgiving land, these couriers are known as Tegami Bachi, or Letter Bee's. Our story follows one such Letter Bee, "Lag Seeing" as he strives to achieve his one goal in life, to become like his idol Gauche Suede, who delivered Lag as a letter once.
Tegami Bachi is generally well paced, despite some filler episodes that while being fillers still got you more attached to the characters. Towards the end of the series though I found my interest waning, partially because of some cliches, but the last few episodes got me hooked again, though in order to branch away a little from the manga the anime, kind of created its own ending, and didn't manage to answer many questions posed during the last bit of the story, but the heart warming story almost makes you forget about the unanswered questions.
A brief rundown of some strangely important yet unexplained concepts in Tegami Bachi would be first The Gaichuu, insectoid machines that seek out the "Heart" in people and letter. Now since the Letter Bee's deliver letters, to combat these Gaichuu the Letter Bee's use Shindans, a weapon, typically a gun that fires a fragment of the shooters heart, with the help of a Spirit Amber inside the shindan, Spirit Ambers appear to be a petrified insect in amber, while shindans are typically ineffective against humans the can destroy Gaichuu
As for characters the story mainly follows a very small group of characters, I can only think of a max of 8 characters that appear regularly throughout the show. The four main characters would have to be Lag Seeing, the series protagonist who is a 12 year old boy, who has a Spirit Amber implanted in his left eye. Niche, Lag's Dingo, a sort of partner/bodyguard to Letter Bee's she has a mysterious abililty to turn her hair into a series of razor sharp blades. Zazie is a fellow Letter Bee, who is only interested in destroying Gaichuu, and finally Conner Cuhl, a 
Letter Bee, who along with Zazie takes a role as one of Lags dear friends and somewhat of a 
While Tegami Bachi's story may not be the most complex, or deep, it still manages to tell a heartwarming coming-of-age tale, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Rating: 7


Tegami Bachi's art is difficult to explain... The pallete seems to use a lot of darker, cool colors like purple, blue, and black. While light tends to be very orange, except for the artificial sun which is a very cartoonish pointy, childish sun bathed in an eerie whie light. The Gaichuu are so a sight to see, (if they weren't trying to kill you and all) the are very inticately designed with many small details and you rarely see the same one many times, they appear to be rendered in CG, which is always a nice touch.
The general art is almost story bookish at times, but not often, the entire setting is decidedly French, late 1800's judging by the lack of automobiles,(aside from one motorcycle), so the clothes are all pretty faithful to that time period.
As for characters they all fit their role very well, Lag in particular fits his character extremely well, he is a kid still so they definitely gave Lag a more childish, rounded face. One thing that was a little strange was that excluding Lag and Niche, all of the children's eyes really creep me out, because they are completely black, I do not know what possesed the character designer to do this, but I found it weird.

Rating: 7


As far as memorable soundtracks go Tegami Bachi ranks in my top 10, honestly there is not one song in this anime that I hated, while some take some time to get used to(Opening 4) they all kinda grew on me. Every opening besides Four was very befitting of the show, I really can't descibe them in any other way that that, they just fit. Opening four on the other hand was a little less fitting, it was a hip-hop-ish song that when they first put it in for use it was off-beat with the movement of the pictures in the opening, but thinking about it I believe it was meant to make the viewer think that somethings not quite right, because after a certain event happens a second version of the song is introduced.
Expect to hear a lot of classical music in the backgrounds, as it tries really hard to get the time period right for some reason. These classical songs come in all sorts of varieties, from sad tear jerkers, to upbeat songs. One character even plays a violen, and Lag's shindan the Nocturne Op. 20 is even named after a classical music composition.
As of the time of this writing Tegami Bachi is only in Japanese, while im not complaining, I do tend to watch anime in their English dub, if its not horrible. But this just blew me away, just the pure emotion that Lag in particular give off, its insane. He cries in nearly every episode and they all sound like a 12 year old just balling his eyes out, even the comedy bits are very high energy, and believable. There was no point were it sounded like acting, it sounded like Lag was talking, or Zazie, it was just so believable, I couldn't recognize any actors at all, so really just top-notch voice acting.

Rating: 9


Tegami Bachi is one of those shows where you go in not knowing what to expect, but come out praising it. When you start Tegami Bachi it is honestly hard to put down, the connection to the characters may not be as strong as in say Angel Beats! But it still a strong connection. As you follow Lag's adventure across Amberground a rare thing happens, you genuinely start care for Lag, and the rest of the Letter Bee's.

Tegami Bachi stands as one of the most original, yet simple animes I've seen, I would honestly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, original, and heart warming anime.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by fallenkaze, Apr 24, 2013


  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 30, 2013

    It's great to see you writing once again Kaze! I've never actually heard of this series before and I must confess it sounds rather interesting.

    However, in terms of a review I have a few suggestions. What is this series suppose to cover? From my understanding, their is a total of three season out for the anime. Did you watch all three of them and the review covers that? You also mentioned a comparison from the anime to the manga in terms of the ending, but is everything else spot on in comparison? I also wish you would of written a bit more in terms of content, mainly in terms of story aspect and what your thoughts were on how some things were handled. I found myself rather curious about the characters and the story progression itself and had to go look up some additional information on Wikipedia, which is a great sign because I was intrigued by what you did but I just wish I had more of you in this review and to know why the story itself scored a seven.

    Otherwise, I think you've got quite a solid review. You've driven interest in the series, and you kept it short enough to drive interest while making the individual curious. I'd change a few things here and there, but otherwise it's great to see you back in the review seat!

  2. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator May 14, 2013

    Here are the judge comments from the contest!

    Judge 1:
    Thoroughness: good idea to provide a more accurate and clear description of the plot, as the existent one is ambiguous. Also, quite a detailed description of the soundtrack and how it relates to the moments during which the songs are played. The review could have benefitted from more information about the side characters and voice acting and a more ample conclusion, though.

    Style: while the grammar can be improved, the review is very easy to understand, with common words and phrases. The grammar aspect is what brought the rating down, since it occasionally makes the review difficult to follow.

    Objectivity: in my opinion, there's enough personal opinion given to explain the reviewer's thoughts and frame of mind, but not to obscure the actual facts presented. However, one phrase in particular - "I do not know what possesed the character designer to [make the characters' eyes black], but I found it weird" - is much too informal and comes across as offensive towards both the creators of the series and those who appreciate the style.

    Balance: it's a fairly well balanced review, as we are given reasons for the lower ratings and thorough explanations of both the good and bad points of the series. All sections have fairly the same coverage, though there could be more information included in each section (side characters, voice acting etc.)


    Judge 2:
    A very objective review, though perhaps so seemingly objective that it would have been nice to see more personal flare to the review to grab the reader’s attention. I also found this review to be a bit of a rare case: the sound and art sections were quite thorough, but the story section left me asking questions I felt the review should have answered: Why is the show so heartwarming? We know that the main character delivers letters, but what sort of conflicts and events happen to him while he does this? I just didn’t see a particularly clear picture of what to expect from this show. Nonetheless, a solid review. Keep up the good work!


    Judge 3:
    Would have liked more of a summary of the series in the Story and Characters section. I was left wondering what the actual storyline of the series was, since the review just jumps into unexplained things in the story.

    I didn't feel like the review was overly biased and fallenkaze highlighted both positive and negative aspects of the series.


    If you would like to see the score broken down for each individual category, let me know and I'll send it your way.

    Thanks so much for competing, Kaze! Nice work. :)

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