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Candy Boy ova Review

Story & Playability

An anime is set in a realistic world, featuring Japan (Tokyo) as place of events and two young sisters who came in that big city looking for their new future.

The story actually goes around four characters in this anime, from which two are the main ones. There are also some other ones, but they are all supporting and just passing by ones. Each of these four characters has something to add to the overall plot. The romancing as well as some comedy parts are taking between two main characters, two sisters. There is also a small cute girl who is always running around to one of the sisters being her biggest fan. She will do anything for any random picture of her and her being rich… Well that can only mean that there are many comedy parts around her and yes, she is the comedic relief character here. The last one that makes an appearance is the younger sister of these two. She seems sometimes stubborn and worries that the relationship between her two sisters will grow bigger so that they will forget her especially them being far away now from her. That of course changes over time and she begins to understand how school is important and that one day they will all live together. She is the story supporting character here and the one that takes up most of the events.

As you could notice, the main story is actually big for an anime this small (the anime only has 7 episodes plus 2 OVAs) but still it doesn’t appear as the main point of it whole, because it just follows the very normal lives of these two sisters. Don’t expect anything big at the end, because aside from some moments, this is a very simple yet relaxing anime.

Rating: 7


The animations in this ONA are actually very good and surprisingly nice. Animes from this production usually don’t have them, but these can even match some more known animes. They have very smooth drawings and very colorful character details and as well and mostly backgrounds… They are just gorgeous, from the city ones to the country side there in winter.

The animations are smooth and nice as well and what I like are all the facial expressions. They are always presented from just funny and humoristic ones to some serious looking. You pretty much can tell everything just from looking at characters and not even hearing them.
Overall both drawings and animations are still not something outstanding, but definitely are too good for their own quality and this type of anime.

At the end I must mention also the main point behind this anime and that is presented here, is just pure relaxing atmosphere. While it is presented in the story it is also showed here in the relaxing and smooth animations as well as the colors. It will keep you on watching the anime and enjoying on it more until the very end.

Rating: 8


Candy Boy has some nice music, but where it really kicks are the opening and ending song. For a show this short, it actually has too many of them. You would expect just one? Well no, there are actually three and they are all very good and nicely done.

Aside from the opening and endings, the soundtrack overall is short, but sweet. It keeps on the situations and gives its touch to all the moments, from funny to just romancing ones.
The voice acting is cute… Yes, that’s all that there is to say to it. Characters actually communicate in that way and while it is like that most of the time, it gives it show also during some sad and depressive moments, but those are quite rare here. Some may find these voice actors a little annoying, but if you listen to it not giving to much attention and just enjoying, you will quite like it.

Rating: 8


Short episodes, short story, few characters and even smaller plot… Yup, this is an ONA and a very relaxing one to add to that. While at first glance you will notice that this is a yuri based one, but it is a light yuri one, meaning that there are no erotic scenes or even fanservice here. No, this is a very calm anime where the main plot doesn’t matter and what all is important is the happiness of that characters.
It goes on slowly and actually and very pure to our mind. Yes, it is that relaxing and nice. Episodes are short so that means that you can watch one in between of any other anime. The plot itself doesn’t take for you to think much and there are only four main characters in total, so nothing too big to worry about.

The story time is somewhat longer so that will keep you maybe interested and there is always some funny, yet nice scene and as well as locations. This all is backed with some very cute animations and drawings as well some nice yet simple background music.

There are tons of funny and typical jokes here and even some light story events and sights from the past to give up in a little difference. And to add to that all of course the main thing and that is romance and that is what this anime is.
Overall very simple anime, meant for relaxing between some other ones and just for pure fun.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by LightFykki, Sep 28, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 29, 2011

    the review was slightly slacking in the plot area, more detail could have been mentioned, or given a link to candy boy anime? I have no clue about this one, and by the simple explaining of the plot, sounds sort of bland to me and not interest me any. what are the two girls names? how is the show simple yet relaxing? this review is alright, but it has left me with more questions than really answers. :/ you actually listed more info about the anime in the other parts/sections of the review than in the plot itself :/ not meaning to sound rude or anything and sorry if it does.

  2. z827 Sep 30, 2011

    A calm Anime huh?
    Sounds like some fresh green tea after a heavy day of zombie butcherin'
    Well , probably owing to the content of the Anime , it's probably difficult to review this since this review isn't quite as detailed as your other reviews.

    Still , i'm guessing it's something like K-ON! after reading the part about the voice acting.

  3. hitsu-chan Oct 02, 2011

    Candy boy, huh? I didn't really like this anime... incest+yuri... o.O I was really... urgh. but anyway, I liked the art of this anime! xD
    thank you for ur review

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