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Queen's Blade tv Review

Queen's Blade is massive tournament which decides who the next Queen is going to be, the only rule being you have to fight for it. The story follows the decision of Reina, youngest daughter of the Vance Count, who decides to see the world with her own eyes and eventually, enters Queen's Blade. Along the way she shall meet the other participants who each have their own reason to defeat current Queen Aldra and become Queen themselves.

Synopsis: El-Cadejos

Story & Characters

Leina (or “Reina” – translations vary) isn’t sure what she wants, beyond escaping the sheltered life of an aristocrat. Will she find her destiny in the Queen’s Blade tournament? But her half-sister Claudette isn’t about to let Leina shirk her duty – duties anyone can see Claudette herself would be better suited for, had she not been born illegitimate.

Season 1 introduces the Queen’s Blade cast – and their breasts! That’s right; count on ogling some bare boobs each and every episode. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Queen’s Blade is an “ecchi.” It aims to titillate, skating close as it can to soft-core “hentai” territory without crossing the line. So you’ll see loads of “T and A” along with fondling a-plenty, but no full-frontal nudity or sex.

But Queen’s Blade has a heart beneath all the bare skin. Hackneyed plot aside, Leina makes a compelling heroine. Unlike your typical battle-anime protagonist, she isn’t fueled by absolute self-confidence. She’ll admit defeat, cry, and even beg for mercy – but then she’ll learn from it. Losing isn’t the end of her world, and that had me rooting for Leina after each humiliating defeat (and boy are they ever humiliating. Imagine wetting yourself in front of a foe!).

Together with Leina, the “Lightning General” Claudette sets up the old “duty versus desire” conflict you’ve probably seen before. Bound by her sense of responsibility, the Lightning General has little patience for Leina’s wistful dreams. She is, nevertheless, a sympathetic character, torn between resentment and love for her wayward little sister.

As for the rest of cast – well – it’s there. You’ve got your high fantasy staples – elves, dwarves, barbarians and clerics – along with some oddballs like Airi, the ghostly soul-sucking – um – French maid. And while they all have their plot-threads (some more intriguing than others), Season 1 does little more than get each contestant into the tournament – but not before they lose their tops (natch)!

Speaking of oddballs, I’ll admit to a soft-spot for the character Nanael. In a sense, this little angel, whose job is to watch over the Queen’s Blade battles, represents the show’s audience, urging our heroines to quit yakking and just FIGHT already.

Rating: 4


Unfortunately, you – like her – may end up disappointed when the warriors finally cross blades. Fights range from mediocre to lousy. Choppy animation and all-too-brief battles mar an otherwise pretty show.

“Talky” scenes, however, look fine. Leina’s range of emotion comes through well in some detailed facial animations. Fear, hope, determination – you’ll see them reflected in her eyes.

As you’d expect from a show banking on the appeal of its all-female cast, the characters look good, with distinctive features and costumes. The stand-out for me was Echidna, an elfin mercenary who wears a live snake as her loin-cloth – yikes.

Rating: 5


Leina’s English-language voice actor (I only had access to the dub) was well-suited to the role, as was the cast as a whole. I found Nanael good for some chuckles, but doubtless many viewers will cringe at her shrill hysterics. Too bad for them, she never shuts up.

Chances are you won’t catch yourself humming any of the show’s music, but the violin-heavy opening and closing themes mesh well with its fantasy setting.

Rating: 5


Season One of Queen’s Blade takes a conventional tournament storyline and injects tons of ecchi. Tonally, it mixes the same blend of drama, humor and action you’ve seen in Bleach, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other shonen anime – but its action scenes are hindered by mediocre animation. As with those other titles, the humor in Queen’s Blade is mostly slapstick – that and Nanael acting like an idiot. In short, Queen’s Blade doesn’t have much to distinguish itself, except bare boobs.

Even so, what it does – and does well – is present Leina as an endearing heroine whose spirit is attractive as her body – who you’ll want to see win as much as lose her clothes. She lends a little heart to a show you’ll (admit it) watch mainly for the kinky girl-fights.

Okay, okay – stop twisting my arm! I’ll confess… I enjoyed Queen’s Blade, for all its shallowness, and silliness, and sleaze. But it was a guilty pleasure – not one I’d pay money for, though I was happy enough watching it for free on “Crackle.”

So what’s the take-away here – will you like this show? Let’s be honest, a (big) degree of immaturity is required going in. College anime clubs will, I’m sure, have a riot with this one. Obviously, if you’re offended by crude titillation, stay away. On that note, deduct a point from my score if you’ve come for fluid swordplay. Add a couple points if you love animated boobs.

Rating: 4

Final Verdict

4.33 (below average)

Reviewed by g-dog, Aug 18, 2011


  1. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2011

    I have to be honest, I don't think this show is for me, since I don't care for ecchi and all. Still, I think you did a nice job on your first review, covering plot and story development amply. I also think that it's good that you managed to accurately convey how ecchi the series is without going too explicit (in my opinion), so that viewers will know exactly what they're getting into. That said, I do think it would have been nice to see more depth to the sound section, and preferably the art as well. Overall though, nice job!

  2. z827 Aug 19, 2011

    Queen's Blade... Ahh... I remember ditching that Anime. Can't really keep up with all the clothes ripping and.... Mnnhh... "Intense female combat"

    Lol , anyways , to be fair - I think the artwork score is deserving of a higher score for the generally smooth artwork and texture for the characters - the combat is indeed impossibly slow ( I'm watching a slow-mo movie! ) but the artwork in itself is decent enough - ignoring the skimpy heroines' design scheme anyway.

    Still , this Anime is pretty much fan service compacted in the disguise of swords and armor. As Snicker had said , Art and Sound review could do with some juice.

    Anyways , here's a cookie for the review :D

  3. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 19, 2011

    I would have to agree with this review. this was one of those dropped due to over whelming case of ecchi, fanservice and partial nudity. beside the mundane and somewhat boring fights the only thing that brings people to watch it is probably the first three options, I don't really see much going for it otherwise. but that's the diversity of people that do reviews :) but if you enjoyed it why give it such a low rating?

  4. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2011

    I went into this show with no expectations. One look at any of the gallery scans and it's obvious that Queen's Blade is purely fan service and nothing more. However, I was hoping that the anime would be able to mix something else in with all of that fan service. Instead, all I got was lowsy fight scenes, and boobs. I dropped this like a rock after the third episode, because I just could not stand anymore of it.

    It's really a shame too, because the premises it's built off of would of made for some great battles, but they completely skimped when it came to that area.

    As for the review, wow! Well done and very different from the norm. You kept it very personal, yet made it professional and to that I have the utmost respect, because it perfectly gives the viewer your perspective while not including a terrible amount of bias. Good job!

  5. g-dog Aug 19, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback -- and the cookie, z827! As a total newbie, I should've read more reviews for a better idea of how to fill the art and sound sections, which admittedly I left a bit light. Having said that, not much about those elements of QB really stood out to me.

    Queen's Blade is a thoroughly mediocre show, as I hope my score reflects. Even though I (being immature) got a kick out of the bouncy babes and oil-wrestling, there's no pretending this series does anything to elevate the medium. It's like the "Beer Fest" of anime... or the anime equivalent of eating a twinkie. You're probably better off for passing on it.

  6. ShaiyaLover Oct 11, 2011

    I havent' play the game, but it look similar to Stella girl's game (not sure that correct game, can't remember). 5 heroine. they do wear attractive cloth.

  7. Kan-tastic Nov 13, 2011

    This show can be compared to Ikkitousen: about all it amounts to is lesbian smut and some battles.

  8. back07 Sep 26, 2012

    yeah, this is like Ikki Tousen but Queen's Blade have more boobs scene

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