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Black Cat

Black Cat tv Review

Train Heartnet became known as the Black Cat due to his skills and his place as Number 13 in the secret society “Chronos”. With his gun Hades, he unfeelingly murdered uncountable people at Chronos’ demand. This was until he met Saya Minatsuki, a bounty hunter or “Sweeper” who teaches him the meaning of human life.
Enraged at how Saya had changed Train, Creed Diskenth, a fellow member of Chronos, murders Saya. Saya’s murder results in Train completely forsaking the organization and following a new life as a Sweeper.
On his new path, Train joins up with fellow Sweeper, the carefree Sven Vollfied, and later the mysterious Eve. Train believes his old life is behind him until Creed reappears, asking Train to help him overthrow Chronos.

Contributed by DokiDokiChan

Story & Characters

The Organization "Chronos" controls 1/3 of the worlds economy and employs the use of countless assasins to protect the Elder Statesmen( the leaders of chronos) and to control political leader's throughout the world . Among these assasins are an elite group of XIII (13) of the world's best assasins who are known as the "Chronos Number's" Train Heartnet or "Black Cat" is considered the best of the best he is rumored to have never missed his target with his Oricalcum Gun "Hades".

Black Cat is a 25 episode long anime. The pacing is odd at some points it has a villian of the week progression while at other times it is a standard progression which I didn't mind too much. There could have been more side stories or more info on the chrono's numbers background but I hear the manga does this. But overall overall this didn't feel too rushed, but the character development is pretty shallow, with the main character making that usually series long "change"instantaneously I thought this was odd, my only complaint with the story side
Is the fast character development that show no gradual change it just happens. One episode a character is immature, and the next they're wise and mature. The plotline on the other hand is nothing you haven't seen before, with a few interesting differences that make the story more compelling.

Okay this time i'm breaking my 3 main character's style. In Black Cat their are 5(in my opinion) 1. Train Heartnet, Number XIII, 2. Creed Diskenth, Train's former partner 3. Sven Volfied a Sweeper(bounty hunter) 4. Eve, a bio weapon 5. Saya, a sweeper whom Train grows fond of. 12 Out of the 13 Chrono's numbers really could have been stronger side character because their backgrounds are never explained nor are their relationship with the other Numbers. Overall nothing really horrible about the story, but it could have had more depth to it.

Rating: 7


There's nothing outstanding about the art in my opinion. The combat though is pretty high quality with it being so fast paced. The Oricalcum weapons are very well thought through considering that they are like a physical manefestation of the character's power and fighting style. Some of the characters are pretty exaggerated, but it fits them. Character's eyes really stood out to me, especially how Train's eyes went Cat's Eyes when he went beserk and turned more human shaped in conversation. Particularly fireworks were given a good amount of detail, and the colors the fireworks put on characters, as well as character shadows seemed to have have alot of attention payed to them

Rating: 7


Black Cat has 1 opening, but has 2 different video's for them which both reflect two halves of the anime very well and show the very, very, very limited character development

Background Music
Some of the BGM stands out to me especially Konoyo No Uta the sad song of the anime it just really struck a chord with me and fit the mood really well. Creed's song on the piano was outastanding to me, jus how it was so synced with combat and fit Creed's state of mind at the moment.

Rating: 9


"A shadow darts from rooftop to rooftop with a full moon at it's back, guiding it. The shadow stops before a old, decrepit church's monastary, takes a step back and breaks through the glass and descends to the church below, having already opened fire, the Black Cat had found his target."

The action in Black Cat is clearly it's selling point but it is a pretty well rounded show, it kept me interested from start to finish, but some sections are less interesting from time to time, but overall an enjoyable anime, though it could've had more depth honestly. I would recommend giving Black Cat a look. Since most of the death's are of screen and inferred Black Cat

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by fallenkaze, Apr 02, 2011


  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 03, 2011

    Nice to see you cover a review for this series, fallenkaze!

    I'd recommend a bit of proof-reading and structuring for your reviews before submission, but otherwise it's pretty good. It really is a shame that there wasn't more development with the series. Chronos had such a good chance to be developed, but they didn't bother with it.

  2. lupinchan Apr 27, 2011

    very interesting review! gotta say the synopsis was pretty well done

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