WhiteLion's Gakuen Heaven Tv Review

Gakuen Heaven tv Review

Ito Keita is a common boy, and he has nothing to be recommend except his good luck. One day he receives a letter. It is a certification of the entrance to an elite boy's boding high school. At this school he is supposed to spend days of battles and sweet romance with handsome boys.

Story & Characters

I started to watch this anime solely because I saw the character designs, and that was the only thing that made me persist. There is no story for this series. Just a bunch of bishounen running up and down and 'falling in love'. Really. I don't know if I sound opinionated but Gakuen Heaven doesn't present anything to engage the mind.

Then everybody seems to love one character! It hurts because you have to think about the relationships that had already been established between other characters before the 'new guy' showed up. It makes everything sort of go everywhere.

The story reminds me of an otome video game where all the male characters are after this one female character but instead, it's a guy... And the guy is blessed with power of luck, a power that somehow seems to make him somewhat better than everyone else... now that I think of it, this is sort of a chessy anime.

Rating: 2


The art is superb, in fact, it's the one thing that actually draws you into the series (I would know, because I watched it for the bishounen!). The colours are beautiful, the backgrounds are cool (I wasn't really paying attention to the backgrounds though!). Plus, the animation is crisp.

The art style fits the genre (BL). Yaoi is supposed to have this bishounen character archetype because it appeals to females and well, the fact that I watched this anime strictly because of the bishounen proves that the art works (curse you beutuful bishounen with your alluring eyes and slender frames and pouty lips).

Rating: 8


The voice acting was well done and I have to give the people credit. However, I have a serious problem with the soundtrack. What the heck!? The opeining theme is the silliest, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, when I read the English lyrics I started to cry (due to laughter). Whenever I watched the anime I would jump past the opening theme, listening to it gave me chills and when it gets stuck in your head...

Apart from that, the rest of the soundtrack is OK, but sounds very old anime-ish. The ending theme is moderate and hearfelt and makes you think of the emotional side of the mangled entity they put together to call a story (really, what story?). Background music is appropriate, not fantastic.

Rating: 5


The anime is not too bad. It's alright with BL lovers but if you're looking for something perverted, read the manga or just watch something else. Almost every episode begins with some form of sexual innuendo and when you finally realise that it's not your favourite characters getting into compromising positions, it's a bit of an anti-climax.

The humour wasn't too humrous though. Only one episode made me laugh like crazy (the Heaven's Door episode).

All in all, cute anime but there's a lot that could have been done to improve it.

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

4.50 (moderate)

Reviewed by WhiteLion, Dec 05, 2010


  1. SchRita Dec 23, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Now I can decide whether to watch it or not.

  2. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    The anime looks, good enough.

  3. back07 Sep 26, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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