Hachiko's B-gata H-kei Tv Review

B-gata H-kei tv Review

Story & Characters

After seeing yet another of my hard-earned submissions deleted due to it being another identical scan in the gallery I have chosen to do another review to counter the effect. Today, I talk about B Gata H Kei (Blood Type: B, Style: H), an adaptation of the four-panel classic by Yoko Sanri. This, as far as all prospective fans of the show should be concerned, is a look into the life of Ms. Yamada.

Now Ms. Yamada is your "Ms. Thinks She's All That" type of lead character. Yamada is a 15-year old, overflirtatious, oversexual prima donna who seems to have EVERY FRIGGIN DAY fantasies about her with guys. And there is one in particular that she is after is a certain Takashi Kosuda, an unassuming young man and an aspiring photographer.

What B Gata H Kei boils down to is this: crazy head over heels girl wants to lose her virginity to boy, who is confused as to why he is the easy target. And we are treated to her out-of-the-ordinary imaginations at work. You can't watch this show without scratching your head and wondering, "I've seen this before, and while it's generally the other way around, it's still something I have seen before."

How's this for a sample of the supporting cast: a little sister who dives into big sister's porn stash at will, a preposterously wealthy rival with an uncurable brother complex, a best friend whose bust size has drawn Yamada's enmity, and Takeshi's childhood friend who is known for her glasses and her inability to confess.

The biggest drawback to this story, however, is a personal deity assisting Yamada on her dubious decision-making. More on her in the Presentation section, but this is why I'm giving the plot a 4.

Rating: 4


The art for B Gata H Kei deserves a few nods. Break out the entire palette for maximum results this light and schlocky comedy. My favorite part of the art may be a surprise to a number of you, but it's the unique transition of the show's logo to the next scene: the bouncing B and the jiggling H. If every show can have a scene transition that incorporates their logo in one form or another (and there are those that do, like Hetalia Axis Powers and the Minami Family) as a rule, more power to the industry!

This was the first big role for art director Michiyo Miki and Chief Animation Director Yuuko Yahiro of Hal Film Maker (who also did the artwork for shows such as Aria, Love Hina and Ghost In The Shell (come on, you should all know those ones, right?), and it's a commendable performance; however, it isn't anything to raise your eyebrows at, even with the eye candy Yamada and her busty compatriots are dishing out at you.

Still, it matches the concept well and the genre, and therefore it should be given its props. From the exuberant expressions, to the unorthodox imaginations, to the reflections and resolutions of the characters...the art of B Gata H Kei gets a 7.

Rating: 7


Yukari Tamura, so it's you again!

Just kidding. From Mei Sunohara to Ranpha Franboise, from Nanoha Takamachi to Mai Kawasumi, Ms. Tamura adds another lead role and song performance times two to her burgeoning resume. Chalk up her role as Yamada, the playful OP "Oshiete A to Z" and the easygoing ED "Hadashi no Princess" for Yukari. They say that everything is better with bacon. Yukari is the bacon, and she brings home the bacon in the voice acting department for this show. B Gata H Kei can be a one-person Vagina Monologue, and it still would be good. That is the genius of Yukari "Yamada" Tamura.

All right, there are other notable faces in the crowd too. How could I forget about the similarly-versatile Yui Horie pulling off a solid effort as Yamada's friend MIharu Takeshita, Mamiko Noto's role as Kazuki Kosuda, the star of Kana Hanazawa rising yet again with her role as Mayu MIyano or Atsushi Abe (the voice of Toma Kamijo) knocking the role of Takashi Kosuda down pat? Regardless, this is Yukari's show right here.

Also, Elements Garden's duo of Junpei Fujita and Hitoshi Fujima delivered a so-so original soundtrack. The music for B Gata H Kei not as gripping as the voice acting, which-when combined with the art-saved this show from getting a lower score.

For Sound, dial 7.

Rating: 7


What makes B Gata H Kei a huge disappointment is not the art or the sound or even the story, but the presentation. And you know why? As I hinted to in the story section, that personal spirit that is supposedly guiding Yamada to her unwise decisions is hogging up a great deal of face time. This little wrinkle is completely unnecessary, and for this reviewer, it was detrimental to the enjoyability with the whole show crashing down like Yamada's early chances of scoring.

I do not need cheesy, pretentious commentary from this mini-Yamada with a fake mustache and a cloud that would see the likes of Son Goku sue for possible intellectual property violations. Even if mini-Yamada here was removed from the show, the scores for presentation and story would be bumped up a little but not too much, because it would then be a matter of a flat plot rehash.

Not even Yukari Tamura's voice acting or Hal's art direction could save B Gata H Kei. It should stand more for: By Golly, the HecK with this!

NOT recommended.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

4.00 (below average)

Reviewed by Hachiko, May 22, 2010


  1. shavo002 May 22, 2010

    i am in total agreement here, i saw the first episode and i couldnt go ahead, its just that bad, perhaps one of the worst animes ive even layed eyes on, as i say i couldnt go on from episode one.

    good review.

  2. emina07 Mute Member May 23, 2010

    if they are going to adapt a classic, they should do it properly with lots of revisions to make it interesting

  3. Hachiko May 24, 2010

    I think they should stick to the plotline without deviating too much from it. This was trash.

  4. emina07 Mute Member May 28, 2010


  5. roflcopter69 May 31, 2010

    Uhhh.. you see the anime is just out there for the lols... there is no need for a plot or anything as such (twists and turns are UNNECESSARY) as the anime's sole purpose is to use "stupidity" as their trigger for laughter.

  6. Hachiko Jun 01, 2010

    But see, you just proved my point, roflcopter. I did not find any sort of substance that would have added to the show-and in effect, upped the rating. I'll go so far to say it's a poor man's ToLoveRu: all flash, no cash.

  7. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 12, 2010

    Nice review :P

  8. SchRita Aug 27, 2010


  9. Warpten29 Jan 14, 2011

    Thanks for the unique review!

  10. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    This is good! Thanks for review!

  11. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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