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Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate the Combat Butler tv Review

Since the tender age of nine, Hayate Ayasaki has busted his behind at various part-time jobs to support his degenerate gambler parents. And how do they repay their son's selfless generosity? By selling his organs to the yakuza to cover their debts!

But fate throws Hayate a bone... sort of.

Spinoff: Sore ga Seiyuu!!

Story & Characters

The animated version of Kenjiro Hata's Hayate the Combat Butler is, to an extent, faithful to the manga plotline. It's the story of a young boy, Hayate Ayasaki, who is given a second chance-in the most unexpected of ways-by being summoned as the butler to the Sanzenin household, and the protector of Nagi Sanzenin, the master of the house.

Seems straightforward, right? Boy on the edge of eternity finds girl, girl is somehow protected by chance by boy, and boy is taken in to protect the girl from all the baddies, la di da di da.

Any of you who thought this would not be a straightforward plot, give yourselves a thumbs up and a wink.

Throughout the series, Hayate's role to protect Nagi is challenged in many ways. From an attack by a ferocious tiger in Tama, to forced cosplay by Maria, to gauntlets thrown hither and thither by the students at Hakuoh Academy and the people he stumbles into, the many trials and tribulations are the fuel behind Hayate the Combat Butler.

But it's not just the character development of Hayate that is a centerpiece of the story. The complex roles that Nagi, Maria, Klaus, the soft-spoken Isumi Saginomiya, the Kansai-savvy Sakuya Aizawa, kendo extraordinaire/Student Council president Hinagiku Katsura and her older sister Yukiji, and Ayumu Nishizawa-an old friend of Hayate-play are worth noticing.

The characters mentioned in this part of the review are just a small part of the larger cast involved in this show, and this doesn't even include the sarcastic, but never dull Voice of the Heavens that narrates the plotline.

Overall, the story and plot of Hayate the Combat Butler is thick, rich, and addicting like a mug of hot chocolate. It's as filling as a heaping stack of pancakes, and sweet like pure maple syrup.

Getting hungry yet? Come downstairs, master. Breakfast is on the table.

Rating: 8


What would a nice storyline be without the art and animation to back it up?

The art of Hayate the Combat Butler is solid, if modest, by my standards. Nothing too special from Studio Tulip, Fan Out and Kikaku Hoshiyama: textbook use of colors and effects combined with a fluidity that shimmers. From the cut shots to the panning of the backgrounds to the action scenes, the artwork of this show is as clean as the statues that our combat butler hero polishes.

I mentioned that the way they did it isn't too special - it's an animation quality that is comparable with any show out there. If I had to point out one-just one-key attribute that separates Hayate from the pack, it's that the artwork is in good taste. You may see the occasional censors that pay tribute to other things you may know, but even those are tastefully done.

In fact, I doubt that I would give any score for an art higher than the score I have given, because I have yet to see one that REALLY breaks the mold. That doesn't mean I won't; I just won't give it to this one.

Rating: 7


Here is where Hayate the Combat Butler gets its stripes. And no, people, I do not mean Tama's. He already has his. I'm talking about the sound. The ear candy. The voice acting and music behind Hayate the Combat Butler is a gem.

First, the music, beginning with the OPs by KOTOKO. The first OP, which is the same as the show title, is a nice rocker and could represent the show in a nutshell. The second OP, "Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi," is worth doing the Caramelldansen. Though, I do not recommend doing it in front of everyone while you listen to it on your iPod/Zune/Sansa/what-have-you; that would be a bit too much.

There are four EDs in the show: one each by Mell ("Proof"), Mami Kawada ("Go My Way!") KOTOKO ("Chasse"), and IKU ("Koi no Me Kaze"). The second ED by Kawada is my pick from this group.

The background music score by Kotaro Nakagawa mixes the playful with the serious, with those emotions in between. Each piece mixes well with the mood-from romantic ("Nonki") to dreaming ("Soso") to action ("Sassou") to vengeful ("Hanmon") to fight-or-flight ("Kyasha").

I could go on and on providing rave reviews the character music CDs, but I leave it to you to check those out for yourself.

Now we get to the voice acting. My gosh. Enter a solid cast of all stars in the show, from Ryouko Shiraishi (Hayate), to the reliable Rie Tanaka (Maria), to other names like Norio Wakamoto ("The Voice of the Heavens"), Kana Ueda (Sakuya), Marina Inoue (Wataru Tachibana) and Shizuka Itou (Hinagiku).

Pay close attention to the voice of Rie Kugimiya, the voice of Nagi Sanzenin. The role of Nagi, the spoiled mistress of the house, is a very important one to play, and she is able to have it down pat. Shiraishi also is solid in her role as Hayate. Not only can she play the male role well, but when Hayate has to change into more uncomfortable outfits, the change in her voice turns on like a light switch.

Rating: 9


Hayate the Combat Butler has a few unique perks in terms of presentation. Aside from Hayate's saga of protecting Nagi from the forces of evil, picture this. A fourth wall goes down. And then another, and another, and another, and still another. The characters in the show can see that the audience is tuning in, and as a viewer, you can't help but think, "I'm in the show! Wahey!" A few members in the cast introduce themselves only to the audience. Think of it as a subliminal effort to make you want more of the show. Do not resist. I repeat, do not resist.

A second perk to Hayate the Combat Butler are eyecatches...Shiritori style. That is, a person speaks one phrase, and the last syllable of that phrase is used for the next phrase and so on (i.e. "Hayate no Gotoku!," "Christmas," etc.). There's a refreshing way to provide continuity: make a game of it!

A third perk is a segment the "Butler Network." Later in the show, some of the characters talk about Hayate's progress, and even a few guests outside of the cast drop in to chat. Finally, many characters pay tribute to other characters that their voice actresses played, including Maria and Nagi.

Fourth walls tumbling down, shiritori, and a little chat session after the credits...they all add to the nonstop half hour of fun that is Hayate the Combat Butler. You want a concept that will stick? Here's one for you: the story of a desperate boy without any hope transforming into a confident gentleman of all trades: a butler, a protector, a fighter, a cosplayer, a cross-dresser, a maid, a hero, a harem victim...

It's all that, and a lot more. A whole lot more. Believe me.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by Hachiko, Feb 16, 2009


  1. Hachiko Feb 16, 2009

    A little bit of a note: I had a previous review posted on this, but it got taken down. Seeing that no one wrote a review yet, I thought, let me do it that way I've always done it.

    And here it is.

  2. davidh01 Feb 16, 2009

    Another good review here. A lot of hints but no spoilers; and a lot of teasers to whet one's appetite. You've kept your comments simple and informal, but have given out a lot of observations and evidence at the same time. Well done --- you've got my attention.

  3. tsuyoshi7171 Feb 21, 2009

    esta serie es muy buena... good review

  4. ZEUSSHADOW Feb 27, 2009

    I like this anime is really funny, every episode will make you laugh to your heart content,The animation is really good,the voices are good,even though I don't understand what they say,but "hey" thats why there are subs right.

  5. narunarunarunaru Feb 28, 2009

    well its a bit confusing (for me) on the last part..

    merged: 02-28-2009 ~ 01:25pm
    but it has great comedy yeah..

  6. Kiara4ka Mar 01, 2009

    good and funny anime ;]

  7. lacuscindy Mar 05, 2009


  8. deeaznguy Mar 09, 2009

    omg i totally agree with you
    awesome anime

  9. DOUBLESKIPHEART Mar 10, 2009

    Never seen it. Might actually consider watching it now.

  10. Ilona Mar 11, 2009

    Interesting review, with even notes to the parts... I haven't noticed some of them... actually I didn't know about the butler network at first.

    I have read few chapters of the manga but 52 episodes seem a lot. But I gave it a try, and I was charmed bu Hayate's voice. I like many characters in it : Hayate, Wataru, Izumi, Hina and the normal girl... though it wasn''t a deep fondness. But I found that the beep sounds were annoying. And there are different kind of references... the anime ones aren't too hard (the mangaka must be a big fan of Detective Conan). I recognized from the first word Le... I mean Jun Fukuyama, it was a little saddening.

    Overall, it's a funny and light anime even if you don't recognize any reference.

  11. beryl0402 Mar 28, 2009

    interesting. maybe i'll watch the anime one day

  12. chumbariwap123 Apr 23, 2009

    good review :D its interesting

  13. arifffahdlanbinamin Apr 24, 2009

    ok...i ll watch this

  14. yuyuppi Jun 07, 2009

    look childish,but it's ok

  15. pmgbapm Jun 23, 2009

    I have watched for 1 year~~

  16. K-A-W-A-I-I Jul 18, 2009

    I didn't really 'stick' with this anime because it wasn't very...catchy?
    I just got bored of it really quickly so i just quit watching them in the middle of the story...

  17. lordryo Jul 21, 2009

    Been meaning to check this out, will be alot easier now that 1 DVDs are out.

  18. yukirina Aug 06, 2009

    good review!^_^

    merged: 08-06-2009 ~ 03:01am
    good review!^_^

  19. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  20. ShadowNeo Aug 26, 2009

    good and funny anime ^_^

  21. Ninininha Aug 30, 2009

    A great anime!

  22. Rodrigo0010 Sep 03, 2009

    Very good. Thanks for the review!

  23. nainoi Sep 11, 2009

    this anime is funny.

  24. forever008 Oct 09, 2009

    tis is the best anime i havent watch ever~

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