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My-HiME tv Review

Mai Tokiha is just an ordinary high school student struggling to balance the trials of school with the tribulations of love. She is a recent transfer to Fuka Academy, a prestigious school where students have a significant deal of autonomy; apart from classes, taught by various lecturers, the students have a great deal of freedom, doing what they will under the aegis of the Student Council. However, strage occurrances recently have shown that things are not as they seem at Fuka. Why have creatures -- "Orphans" -- started appearing around the school, and what are HiMEs? What exactly is the secret of Fuka Academy?

Credits: shinsengumi

Story & Characters

If Kannazuki no Miko and Mai Hime were cousins, Kannazuki no Miko would be the depressed, sad cousin that takes everything seriously while Mai Hime would be the cousin who likes to go out partying and lets off steam after a long day.

Mai Hime continues the trend of Mecha/Shoujo titles where it has girls who possess abilities to call upon mecha like "Childs" to battle the monstrous other worldly "Orphans." Tohika Mai, an average (though well-endowed) girl balances her homework, her job and her saving the world ability in order to find some kind of balance in her life. Along the way, she makes a lot of friends including a cat girl, the college student pretending to be a teacher and the gender bending ninja.

What's really great about Mai Hime is that all the characters are balanced and don't act too one emotion. They get laughed at, they become victims of jealously and anger and most of all, they can become serious when the time comes. Take Mai, for example. She takes care of her brother Takumi by getting a job, babying him and making sure he takes his medicine. However, Nao (another Hime) doesn't particularly like Mai, because Mai seems to so fake and so selfless that she only gets Nao's hatred. Another character that's great is Natsuki Kruger. She plays an active character when she tries to fight the antagonists, but at the same time, she's not so high and above to be the victim of comedic situations.

Another strong point of this anime is the blending of Shoujo and Shounen elements. One of the key points of Mai Hime is that if your Child is destroyed, the Hime isn't killed. It's the person the Hime feels so attached to. This brings up so much discussion and thought that it compels a person to keep watching more. Just who does Mai care for? Is it her brother, who's physically unhealthy and needs to be cared for? Or is it Tate Yuuchi, a boy that Mai acts like she couldn't care less for? It creates brilliant set up and execution.
The anime isn't without its flaws. There is the occasional plot hole or two, bewildering even the keenest of anime buffs. The humor itself is a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes you'll laugh due to the brilliant execution, other times you'll roll your eyes over the predictable humor.

One of the most popular things to come from this series is the lesbian couple of Natsuki Kruger and Shizuru Fujino. While many people debate over this couple, I will say this. They have great chemistry together. Both play active and smart roles in the story. As for their relationship, it's not only deep but very well written. If anything I was hoping they had a little more screen time.
Overall, the story is a solid 8.

Rating: 8


The art work itself isn't too much to brag about. It follows the same format as any other anime. However, it is brilliantly matched with the genre and possesses a certain beauty to the work itself.

I was pleased with the character designs in Mai Hime. Other than some oddly colored hair, the designs remained as realistic as they could. This is important since characters often have to shift from serious to comical, and the shift to chibi and normal doesn't come as a surprise. Even Mikoto, who has the feral look of a feline about her, doesn't look so distracting that it takes away from the work.

The environments aren't that original but they work. The school itself doesn't bring anything new to the table, but it does look pretty and makes a distinct difference between a school during times of peace and times of chaos. Overall, the look of the work feels just right.

Rating: 8


This is a very strong point of the anime. The sound work itself is rather strong and intuitive that it makes the anime watching over and over again.

The Opening song and Ending song have such an addictive flair to it, that it doesn't become tiresome. For Example, "Shining Days" by Minami Kuribayashi fits perfectly for the tone. It's a techno pop song that's addictive and fun that sets the mood for what's to come. Usually I don't care for ending songs, but Yuki Kajiura's "Endless Crossroads" has that sort of slow, smooth charm to it that brings a sense of closure to each episode. It's delightful, charming and has a great guitar solo at the end.

And the music matches each mood perfectly: Light and bouncy for everyday moments, Eerie for a feeling of suspicion and a Heavenly choir for battle scenes. Take for example, Alyssa Sears' song "It's only a fairy tale." It's not only sung beautifully, but there's this analysis about the Himes and their inevitable fate and how they cannot be with the one's they love.

Rating: 9


Mai Hime is just one of those good animes that any casual fan can get into. It's likable, it doesn't leave the audience out of the loop, and it gives opportunity to write about the characters and their relationship in general. Where other series struggle to combine elements of different genres, Mai Hime perfectly blends two genres into one. If there's any complaint, it would be the ending. Considering the amount of development throughout the work, the ending feels like a cop-out. However, this anime is just fun, dramatic and good.

An 8/10

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by Burnouts3s3, Aug 20, 2008


  1. shoujoboy Aug 20, 2008

    Your opening line really proves to be a non sequitur no? You are assuming that somebody has read your previous review, which chances are, once this leaves the front page they won't.

    Once again, your review lacks balance. Are you that hard pressed to find words describing other sections? Sure art and sound are more difficult to describe, but I think they warrant more than 2 lines. Also those formatting errors are popping up again. Make sure after you hit submit that you check to see that MT hasn't put your review through the grinder.

    Also, I see spelling errors that should have been caught by you or a spell checker. Prectible?

    Take your time when writing these things. Write them. Spellcheck them. Proofread them. Quality is what we need here.

  2. BossMac Aug 20, 2008

    Ooohh that last part there sho sounded like a slam.

    Anyways, I agree. Clearly you either aren't familiar with the review system in MT or you just ~deleted for obvious trolling~...

    I do hope you check back and try to spice up your review.

  3. davidh01 Aug 20, 2008

    I'll kick off with something positive. Your writing style is succinct and gets straight to the point - so good work there. Now, when you're writing your reviews please take the time to review (excuse the pun) your own commentary before submitting it. Having gaps in the structure of your ideas and commentary is not overly helpful to other readers. This issue is particularly pertinent as, in the case of many members here at MT, English is not their native language.

    Secondly, when you are allocating scores you do need to justify your position. The commentary for the Art, Sound and Presentation sections is, in my opinion of course, too brief and light-on to demonstrate that the score is given appropriately. Ultimately you need to be able to convince another reader that this series is either worth their while or not worth checking out. Unfortunately in this case, despite your succinct commentary, I wasn't convinced either way; and this situation could be easily redressed by taking the time to expand and go into more detail about why you are giving your opinion. I'll give you a hint - and it has stuck with me: an English lecturer I had from way back said that when preparing your critical commentary consider the following structure:
    1. Say something - a statement of fact or opinion;
    2. Say why it is so - give reasons to support your statement;
    3. Address the significance - why are you saying what you're saying (surely it is not just for fun?); and
    4. Give evidence - examples or aspects of the anime that corroborate your opinion.

    You're on the right track initially, but some refinements to your review and going into more detail in the sections that are too brief at the moment (i.e. everything except the Story/Characters) will turn your review into something useful and worthwhile. Keep at it, and good luck.

  4. chumbariwap123 Apr 23, 2009

    woah! good review, :D i like this series on Ecchi

  5. pigmypuff Jun 05, 2009

    i think it's interesting anime

  6. yuyuppi Jun 17, 2009


  7. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009

    I wanna see this >3<

  8. Fanatik007 Jul 30, 2009

    Great review!

  9. SchRita Aug 23, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

    merged: 10-31-2009 ~ 09:01pm
    Thanks for the review!

  10. rukasu04 Mute Member Nov 10, 2009

    Nice :D

  11. animalandia Nov 14, 2009

    como en todas las que hace falta la imagen agradeceriamos que la incorporen para darnos una idea de los personajes

  12. Kan-tastic Mar 06, 2010

    Funny.... I consider this a God-awful show. I guess it doesn't help that I HATE Shizuru, and esepcially the ShizxNat pairing. Most of the characters are nearly worthless, the story and ideas are silly, and it's just... bleh. I find myself rooting more for the monsters than the humans that fight them.

  13. renica Jul 02, 2012

    hmmm wish that it[]s going to release :))

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