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Clannad tv Review

Deliquent Okazaki Tomoya finds himself starting his final year in high school with no hope for the future, no girlfriend, bad grades, and a strained relationship with his father.
All seems lost, until the moment he meets Furukawa Nagisa. This girl brings forth hope, love, and family into Okazaki's life.

Story & Characters

Contains slight spoilers, but I'm assuming that most of you here who reads this review has completed Clannad. Skip the details if you haven't watch it yet- it ruins things for you.

Just like any other KEY's production, the storyline of Clannad is divided into major arcs, focusing it's attention upon each major/main character within the anime. The usual harem consisting of one male character and twice the amount of girls (in this case, thrice). If you're pretty familiar with the studio's products, then it's a normalcy.

-Tomoya Okazaki- a somewhat boy who would have made a better impression if KEY had emphasized on his personality more. Tomoya also has a father who sinks into depression and alcohol after the death of his mother; and in a moment of rage, ends up arguing -more like fighting- his dad, resulting the injury upon his arm. That wound disables Tomoya's ability to shoot in basketball, and he soon drops out of the team, and ends up a failure at life and school. His talent to let lies flow out is practically entertaining, and I wonder why the producers didn't put his intelligent brain to use.

- Nagisa Furukawa- the main female protagonist of Clannad. She is sweet, sickly, and a fan of the Dango Daikazoku. Nagisa is also a female character you can' help but be reminded that she is somewhat of a damsel in distress and needs helping from Okazaki. A hell lot. There's nothing outstanding about how KEY designed her- and she's too short for her own good.

I wouldn't bother about the others, because these two are the main characters and Lariel is a bit too lazed to write out the personalities, past and description of every single character because you can certainly get more detailed information from Wikipedia.

As from what you can see from my summarization of these two characters, it like girl meets boy, boy and girl develops affections for each other, faces hardships in life, and all ends up well at episode 22 (END). Oh, and a few love triangles here and there; it exists in every dramatic /romance anime. You'll enjoy it as a light watch and something to pass your time with, but for those who were expecting some heavy, tear filled scenes, don't get your hopes up.

Rating: 7


To be blunt, it's KEY. What can you expect? Great color, solid details, big, large, glittering eyes (I'm implying Nagisa). I wouldn't say that it's beyond Carnelian or whatsoever outstanding artist that ever existed in the world, but nevertheless, impressive. Although Nagisa's hair constantly reminds me of Shito Tachibana's (Zombie Loan) antenna twang. One thing I found slightly irritating was that three out of the six female characters possessed almost the same hair color (Ryou, Kyou, and Kotomi). I know, I know, it's KEY, but even Kanon had done better. I thought that KEY would improve, but to my greatest disappointed, it degraded by 0.10 percentage.

KEY has done a fair job though, and the scenes on Kotomi's arc was particularly vivid and beautiful. I would also say the same for the background scenes. At certain episodes I would wonder if they were dropping on the budget, because all we get to see is distance scenes.

The ED scenes were dangos. And my first thought was 'gaaah, it's just too cute!', but for a 22 episode anime, I wished they would just alter it slightly. Sure, the 'Dango Daikazoku' that Nagisa favors so much is abnormally adorable -like Porings from Ragnarok, really- but after ten episodes or so, I found myself hoping that KEY would change the background themes.

Rating: 7


Nagisa's seiyuu was plain annoying. Period. Her character and personality was tolerable, but the squeaky, high-pitched voice really grated on my nerves. However, she was still likeable till the very end, so we won't go there. Occasionally. And Kotomi... well, she just reminds me of a character in AIR which I've forgotten. There's no great impact on me on the seiyuu's part, and I'm disappointed, to say the least. And well, Okazaki Tomoya... it's just like seeing a replay of Kanon 2006 all over again. The seiyuus voicing Akio and Sunohara, in my opinion, was better than Tomoya. Their characters could go from humorously idiotic to a pathetic seriousness that I found intriguing (You don't find many characters like that nowadays in animes). Seriously, who goes from being a pervert to a sudden love philosopher?

The background music was fairly... alright. I found myself amused by Dango Daikazoku, which was performed by Chata- it's flighty and traditional at the same time- at least for me, it was. Megumeru -performed by Eufonius- attracted me at once when I saw the trailer of Clannad. For me, it's a 'so far, so good', and I don't plan on giving up on listening to Megumeru for quite some time. Ana was my favorite song of all- it was just too bad that they did not place it as an insert song. The repeating BGM wasn't very well suitable for me as I prefer different varieties.

Rating: 6


So far I would say it's entertaining, and it almost pains me to put an 8- for I really quite enjoyed the show from top to bottom, but to be fair and critical, it doesn't go really higher than that. I constantly get the impression that KEY's 'angsty feel' is not present within Clannad. Of course, Kotomi and Fuuko's arc tugged on my heartstrings and made me shed a few tears here and there- who wouldn't?-as well as the ending, but other than that and a few humorous and silly scenes (Tomoya's lies about Sunohara loving him had me cracking up like an idiot), I guess Clannad didn't really mean much to me.

I honestly thought that they had spent TOO much time on Fuuko's arc, and thus, ended up dedicating only ONE mere episode to the Fujibayashi sisters, who I thought would get more credit on that. And Fuuko popping up from time to time really ruined her own touching disappearance. As the main character, Nagisa didn't really impress me much- she was just there and there for convenient sake. I guess the whole point of her existence was to change Tomoya's opinions on his family, or particularly, his father and to end the show with tears and confessions. Common. I would after been better if they slotted in 'After Story', which will make more significant to the entire show.

I started watching Clannad with high hopes as I did for Kanon and Air, even prepared tissues and chocolates for a supposedly suitable ending, but ended up thinking that 'this is boring' more than enjoying it's plots. I wouldn't say that it's ENTIRELY un-entertaining, Clannad has it's 'awws' and 'ohhs' here and there, which was certainly enjoyable, and I give KEY credit for that, but so far, if I have to rate it, it would only be a mere 'good' and 'Clannad could have done better than this'.

I'm really sorry if you dislike my opinion of Clannad or my words somehow offended you greatly, but that's how I think. Or perhaps I'm venting my frustrations out in this review.

Please point out my mistakes and don't hesitate to be critical.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by Lariel, Mar 28, 2008


  1. shoujoboy Mar 28, 2008

    I shall be critical, but hopefully in a constructive way. Hopefully you won't take this the wrong or way... or hell I could be wrong entirely, but English isn't your first language is it? There are a subject-verb agreement issues throughout and the punctuation and sentence flow is sometimes hard to follow. It seems that you were objective enough in your opinion, but it's certainly a hard one to follow at times. A good proofreader is any writers best friend.

    Also, it's hard to assume the reader knows anything about anything when you write a review. Your assumption that all readers know KEY animation well kind of weakens your scoring in that category. I know you said if we are reading this, then we've likely seen it, but that isn't always the case. I know what KEY animation looks like, but I've never once watched a show using it. Minor gripe, but one nonetheless.

    I'll be keeping an eye on where you go from here, I expect you'll be doing better and better each time.

  2. BossMac Mar 28, 2008

    I don't how or why but your review reminds me of mine (I mean the writing style and sorts). If you don't agree, fine. Let our lives proceed onwards without a hint of this comment.

    I'd skip on the Theoritical Proper English usage lectures as it seems you've been schooled on that subject already.

    As pointed out already you should always assume that the reader is unfamiliar with that title you are reviewing. Doing so will help out some people that go scratch their heads asking themselves "What is KEY?". Another thing you should note is to know when enough is enough. Try to trim down on the plot and character analysis bit to support your personal choice on what should or should've been.

    I'm not sure what reason you have for writing:

    Quote by Lariel I'm really sorry if you dislike my opinion of Clannad or my words somehow offended you greatly, but that's how I think. Or perhaps I'm venting my frustrations out in this review.

    Please point out my mistakes and don't hesitate to be critical.

    ... but if its because you've read the past reviews and seen shoujoboi drop bombs then rest assured that he won't bite. :)

  3. ASH-Hikari Mar 28, 2008

    Just a little thing: Nagisa's last name is Furukawa, not Fujisaki ^^

  4. templa Mar 29, 2008

    I can't complain, I don't have much knowledge in grammar and such, but it was quite good for me =)

  5. Lariel Mar 29, 2008

    I just changed Fujisaki to Furukawa. A thousand apologies for the error! Thanks for pointing out the mistake, Ash!

  6. IzumiChan Mar 30, 2008

    Finally someone agrees with me!~ lol~ XD XD
    You are so right about Fuuko's arc being way so long~ and Nagisa is indeed irritating, I agree with everything! lol~ xDDD
    The worst part is that Clannad is so over-rated~ I didn't see such a uproar when Kanon 2006 came, and it was sooo better~ >.<
    Maybe if Key amkes something else it'll be better too~ let's just hope they do it better next time~ :)
    Great review!~ >w<

  7. highwind888 Jun 20, 2008

    Probably a bit late for comments since the review was a while ago, but I'm new here so meh.
    Well, the ending of the anime is not the actual end to the story.. There's still "CLANNAD After Story", which is (based on what I've read regarding the visual novel) much sadder.. So don't put the tissues and chocolates away too early. However, you don't seem have much attachment to Nagisa, so maybe not...
    I agree with the arcs being lengthed badly... As I watched it, I was getting more and more confused how they were gonna let all the girls have a decent lengthed arc, but it turned out they just didn't bother... a bit disappointing.
    I liked Nagisa's seiyu, however I can see how some would find her annoying.
    Nice review!

  8. beryl0402 Mar 15, 2009

    i was thinking of watching this anime but wasn't sure if it was good. thanks to your review i think i will enjoy it! i love it when the anime has awesome art.

  9. sl1342 Apr 03, 2009

    In all honesty, I actually agree with what you say, however I must disagree about your other points. Clannad is, at the beginning, not a tear jerker. True, there are some sad points (like Fuuko's). However, it is my belief that Clannad was not meant to be a tear-jerker at the beginning, but something of a romance/comedy. However, as Lariel mentioned, the arcs are not spread out evenly between the characters. Fuuko gets almost 4 episodes to herself, maybe more. I do not know, my memory fails me in my old age >.< but Tomoyo only gets 1 to herself (although naming the arc after her and Tomoya is I guess in some way compensation). But I believe that Key did this on purpose. If a viewer wanted romance/comedy, they could watch the first part. But the real tear-jerking moments was the Clannad After Story. I must say, I am impressed. First part romance/comedy, second part romance/life/drama. Overall, I believe that people like Clannad, but the Clannad After Story made people fall in love with it.

  10. cressyfrost Apr 28, 2009

    I personally hates the ending

    the another world concept huh?

    then why bother go through all that pains.

    just kill yourself and awake at another world

    but other than that this anime is superbly amazing...

    even if i dislike the another world concept, i say 10/10 for this series.

  11. pigmypuff Jun 03, 2009

    wanna go to there

  12. pmgbapm Jun 23, 2009

    I cannot accept your opinion...

  13. ResonantSoul Jul 23, 2009

    I like the ending -w-

  14. lordryo Jul 28, 2009

    Awesome review! Clannad is one of my favorite animes! LOVE IT!

  15. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  16. nainoi Sep 12, 2009

    my favorite anime too.

  17. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  18. theo-shadow Jul 23, 2010

    maybe the first season of clannad is little boring, but I think it is still good.
    and, if you see the ~After Story~, that story is very very wonderful.
    Sad story and wonderful art is the Key's speciality, after all.

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