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Heroic Age tv Review

Story & Characters

Ok..this is the first time i've ever wrote a review in MT. Hope it can provide informations for everyone here :D

There is an advanced race called the Golden Tribe that possess many powers such as creating planets and foresees the future. After creating one universe, the Golden Tribe will depart and explore the next universe.
Before the Golden Tribe left and move on to another universe, they've send out calls to other races and told them to explore the universe and venture to places yet to be known. And three races have answered the call, they are the Silver Tribe, Bronze Tribe and the Hero Tribe. Because of the immeasurable strengths and power possessed by the Hero Tribe, and driven by their aggresive nature, they have been fighting amongst themselves, resulting in the destruction of many planets and stars. Upon seeing this madness, the Golden Tribe have ended the meaningless war and punishes the remaning 5 of the Hero Tribe by sealing each of them in different races which are weaker than them. Just before the Golden Tribe about to move on to another universe, another race have answered their call, that is, the humans, which they regards as the Iron Tribe. However, the humans are facing extinction as their planet Earth, was invaded by the Bronze Tribe and the Iron Tribe have to leave their beloved mother Earth. The young princess of the Iron Tribe, Deianeira was leading a search party to look for the one who holds the power to save humanity. And the person she's looking for is said to be the only human that have been raised by the Golden Tribe themselves. After a long journey in search for the "one", they've been led to a ruined planet called Ouron, which holds the "one" she's been looking for all these years. However, when princess Deianeira and her crew reaches the planet, they were attacked by the Bronze Tribe. But moments before the ambush, they found a human boy named "AGE", who may be the one that is going to change the fate of humanity once and for all...

Personal Opinion:
The story is intriguing and exciting as it's not like some animes that are easily predicted and the ending is done simply...PERFECT!!! And I like happy endings :D

Rating: 9


The settings and background of this anime is futuristic and most of the events are taking place in spaceships, outer space and planets. The coloring scheme used in the anime is very much "realistic" and the planets and outer space are done just nice and they do give a "deep in space" feel. The characters are design by Xebec and their appearace and outfits are based on spacesuits and uniforms (for Iron Tribe) and some are just robes (Silver Tribe) which are simple and not jagging.
The Hero Tribes within the Nodos ( the people of races which holds the spirit of the 5 remaining Hero Tribe) are illustrated in a beast-like appearance and i think this fits their aggresive nature perfectly. Not to mention about the fighting scenes with realistic explosions and planet-destroying-skills used by the Hero Tribes. The 3D engine used in the anime is also smooth and not like some other anime that looks really "bulky" and lack of impact.

Rating: 7


Needless to say, the sound effects applied in the anime is great and the Opening theme surely has its "kick". On the other hand, the ending theme is very soothing and relaxing. Moreover, the two other versions of the ending "Azurite~for luster star Deianeira~" and "Azurite~True grace~" is inserted into the anime as insert songs and the time when it's played is simply awesome!!! It really reflects the situation and the interaction between the characters perfectly. What i mean is, the songs are played at the perfect timing and therefore, the result is satisfying XD

Rating: 8


I think what made people interested in Heroic Age is its good storyline and "exaggerated" battle between the Hero Tribe.

The storytelling features its own unique and distinct approach, which made it different from other animes based on the similar " outer space ventures and mecha" theme.

At first, i thought the anime would've last for about at least 50+ episodes but it turn out to be only 26. It keeps me pondering whether it would have a satisfying ending with just 26 episodes? In the end, the ending was splendid and i was immediately blown away!!

Overall, i think every part in the anime is done with care and none are overdosed (except for the fighting scenes between the Hero Tribe XD But who would want to watch if the action scenes are not impressive and mind-blowing enough? XD). And i think the anime surely live up to its saying in the ending of the last episode " this saga has been pass on into legend" or some sort like this, forgot about the real quote, but this is roughly what it mean. ^_^'

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by dizzy-me, Oct 14, 2007


  1. DeathPulse Oct 15, 2007

    Its good and all. I just would've liked it better if they didn't cut off his hair.

  2. Kukuru Dec 07, 2007

    Not bad dizzy-me for your first review :) You make it sound worth the watch (though I must admit, I'm not really a mecha fan ^_^;).

    Just a few points though:
    In your sound section - "Needless to say, the sound effects applied in the anime is great " <-- For someone like me who has never watched the anime I think it is needed to say how good the sound effects were, and perhaps you could have expanded a little more on the show soundtrack and on the voice actors as well.

    (Plus, you are missing a few capital 'I's' throughout your text)

    Just little things though - thanks for sharing your opinions with us :)

  3. narunarunarunaru Feb 28, 2009

    .............. i like it....... cute ....

  4. beryl0402 Mar 16, 2009

    thanks for the review!

  5. SchRita Aug 24, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  6. nainoi Sep 13, 2009

    thank you for review.

  7. SchRita Oct 31, 2009

    Thanks for the review!

  8. Fanatik007 Nov 03, 2009

    not bad review,tnx

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