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Akazukin Cha Cha tv Review

Story & Characters

Well this IS a magical girl anime technically so of course like other magical girl animes, cha cha has to defeat a big bad and has to transform and defeat bad guys in like every episode.

However, the comedy in this anime completely makes up for it.
The episodic plots are great, some of the situations they get into are quite funny and brilliant and the jokes just start flying. There are just a few eps that aren't quite as enjoyable or funny but there are those eps that are extremely funny but still I think that's pretty good out of 74 eps. When I say funny I mean you'll actually laugh and probably you'll laugh hysterically at times; though it is a show aimed at chidlren it's comedy not "stupid" (like american show aimed at children most often), it's like sassy -- it's pretty smart.

overall I would have to give it a 10 because of the humor and comedy which shines in almost every ep. One of the funniest animes I've seen, this is definitely a classic as far as a comedy and an anime aimed towards kids ( since you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it) .

Of course the characters are fantastic, the chemistry between some of them were really interesting to see especially Dorothy and Seravi (I don't want to spoil it but it's REALLY good). There are a bunch of love triangles maybe love squares or pentagons in there somewhere too but they're quite interesting. The main characters are all likable and unique and they do grow and you find out more about them as the series progresses.
There are some back-stories on the characters as well, which are interseting and well-developed. Despite what this anime may seem at first it does get serious and it can pull off serious with the some of back-stories.

There are actually many characters that you meet along the way (74 eps) from the teachers to the bad guys, but they are all quite interesting and unique and usually add to the humor. although there are so many if you include every single character in the whole anime, almost all are intersting and memorable somehow.

They are all just fun or likable or you love to hate 'em and i just love all their antics.

There's plenty of lovable/wacky/interseting characters.

Rating: 10


the animation is simple and its good for 1994. it's drawn in a cute way, cute even for today. It really fits the anime.

I loved all the effects they did with the animation like the big cute shiny eyes and all those random/wacky/funny exaggerations with the faces. They just did lots of animation effects that were done well that you don't see all that often in "new" anime.

It's great for its time, why should I be comparing it new ones, the new ones didn't exist in 1994!! The animation is quite consistent, which I do know notice in some of the 90s aniems.

Luckily now there's dvd-rip fansubs isntead of those treachearous vhs-rips so we can truly enjoy the animation.

Rating: 10


I like the opening and closing songs and i love the BMG it just works with the scenes so well.

Also during some eps the characters would sing like cha cha's class or cha cha herself or cha cha/shiine/riiya, I especially love the song that was sang during the doll episode with elizabeth. Even Marine sings quite nicely in an ep. I love practically all the singing in the eps.

The sound effects during comedic moments are just perfect, it is utilized very well. they have a lot of sound effects, bmg and whatnot during "certain" moments so it has a lot of that.

the seiyuus did such a nice job playing kids but the seiyuu for cha cha sounded a little deep but anyways I got used to it. Everyone's voice fit well.

Rating: 9


This anime is definitely worth watching and re-watching. Practically all the eps have re-watch VALUE and there is 74 eps so obviously there's lots of stuff to re-watch.

It is such a good feel-good anime and it will make you laugh hysterically at times.

I know those new ones that are supposed to be comedy (from all the rabid fans) but then I find out they really aren't, only a few laughs out of one ep but this anime just keeps going and going with the jokes. It actually makes me laugh hysterically.

I'm especially fond of it since I saw it when I was a kid and then re-watching and enjoying and laughgin hysterically still.

Recommended if you want to watch something that'll cheer you up, have you laughing hysterically, and if you want something cute.

Therefore fans of Gakuen Alice, Kodomo no omocha, saint tail, tokyo mew mew, or any other comedy or romance or magical girl anime fans.

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.8333 (excellent)

Reviewed by howtwosave, May 28, 2007


  1. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  2. back07 Jun 27, 2012

    thanks for the review that's very nice

  3. Blue-Latte Nov 25, 2013

    I finished watching this anime a long time ago and honestly I don't really remember about it. ^^" All I remember is, the story was funny and interesting.

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