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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni tv Review

Keiichi Maebara moves to a small village named Hinamizawa and joins a little club for playing fun games with his new friends at school: Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika. But as the days pass Keiichi starts to suspect that there is something unusual at Hinamizawa. As he learns more about the Watanagashi, a festival in Hinamizawa, strange things started to happen around him... Murders, disappearances, and the deadly wrath of Oyashiro-sama!

Synopsis: ShiXion

Story & Characters

About time I rated something higher than a 5. This anime is definitely worthy of praise, starting with the story itself. The character lineup seems average, almost like a harem-type lineup, but then nothing in this anime is as it seems.

The standard 'peaceful, happy town where nothing happens' approach. I am so happy they put in that teaser in the first episode, or I might have stopped watching. (more in Presentation part, as usual)

Rating: 9


When I hit play, the first thing I said was 'oh man, the art s*cks!!' In this day and age there are still characters with misproportioned heads and really kiddy animation?!' And for a thriller anime!

However after watching about three episodes, I changed my mind. The creators used the lousy animation as a weapon to attack the unsuspecting viewer. I mean, we typically expect a lovey-dovey-tangled-triangle-with-fanservice from a show with a bunch of lolis right? But here, it was different. The creepy way the first episode starts made me wonder, throughout the rest of the episode, what happens. I gradually began to see past the loli-ness.

Overall, it matches the story of the anime and would not have worked as well if it was a different style. More fluid character movements would have been a plus, but as for the style itself, it goes perfectly. It was a bit of a shock though, since I expected better from Studio Deen after seeing their art for Jigoku Shoujo.

Rating: 9


No anime ever deserved a 10 in sound as much as this does, or at least from the shows I've seen. Feel free to argue with me about that, but this is one of Higurashi's high points in my opinion.

The OSTs are brilliant. The opening theme, which has the same name as the anime, has a haunting and meaningful quality to it that really makes it stand out. It's one of the anime songs that has never left my playlist from the first time I heard it. The ED is not as good, but it fits the story. A calming song, though with somewhat garbled wording. Still acceptable, considering that the Japanese do not naturally use 'L'.

The voicing is topnotch. They add an unreal credibility to the characters, showing true emotion- and more importantly, they can freak you out if you watch this alone or at night. No annoying granny-voice-for-toddler moments here. The changes in tone are all very suited to the events in the story. My personal favorite is the voice for Mion/Shion. She had to voice different personalities and mood swings. Rena's voice actress is great too.

Other than that, the BGMs are fairly typical, except for the stand-out tune of the cicadas. But then, the mark of a good OST is if it blends into the anime itself and does not call too much attention.

Rating: 10


Ahh, the best part.

My average is a 5, which should give you a clue how much I enjoyed this anime. Sometimes the humor seems a little forced, but the overall effect is balanced. It is odd though when previously dead characters resurrect (lol), or when dead characters die again, like the whole thing reset itself, but the 'Arc' presentation makes it all the more interesting without being annoying. The first arc of the story draws you in, 2nd arc is like 'Hey what happened?!' but it gives depth to the characters. By the 3rd arc, you're getting used to the reset thing, but you are still mad with curiosity what the heck is going on. And by the fourth it all makes sense. The use of foreshadowing was also very well played. They give something away, but not what happens, thus attracting one's appetite to find out more BUT without giving away how it will happen. I especially like the Rika foreshadowing in the fifth episode.

Some characters' motives did not satisfy me, like Shion (sooo boy-crazy) and Keiichi's in the Satoko-based arc, but it was fine. The only thing stopping me from giving Presentation a 10 is because of the way it all ends. It's like Keiichi's backstory was thrown in just for fun, it's pointless putting it in at that moment in time. The last episode also gets very chatty. Plus when Rena did that (watch it for yourself, I'm not spoonfeeding you the details) in the end, I felt like I preferred her going crazy and such. It would have been interesting in my opinion if they made it like that.

Yes, I am morbid.

I wanted some more screen time for Rika too. But then, those are minor flaws.


Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by Tsunoh, May 25, 2007


  1. vatican92 May 25, 2007

    It would be nicer if you could go into more detail with the story and character
    Higurashi is from Studio Deen?

    Must agree that the art was a bit weird........ especially when I saw Rika

    Yeah the first episode started off weird and made me wonder.......

    I didn't really like the Op and the ED but I did like the BGMs and the voices did really fit the characters well

    Pretty nice review but I think you've given too much points without going into more details
    But keep it up!

    It is really odd when the story starts over again like nothing happened

  2. Tsunoh May 25, 2007

    more detail and I'd spoil it XD

  3. jaderabbit May 25, 2007

    I agree i think you had just enough detail to get people intterested in the anime. Great job on your review. THis is a awesome anime i definitly recommend it as well... i think i would give the anime around a 8.5.. just because you have to actually set and pay attention and not miss a single detail or this anime will seem so freaked up it isn't funny lol.

  4. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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