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The Wallflower

The Wallflower manga Review

Her first amorous rejection has turned Sunako Nakahara into a bitter person who rejects all forms of beauty in her life. Her aunt, Mine, gets worried when Sunako becomes so gloomy, and asks her four very handsome tenants to help her niece out. In exchange for having their rent waived, the boys agree to turn Sunako into a "perfect lady"...which is easy as far as appearances go, but far more difficult when it comes to her personality!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

Story & Playability

Wallflower also known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge has a story line that is not something too extrodinaire but something that assumes and an everyday life but with a twist to it. At first when Kyohei and Sunako meets each other (along with Takenaga, Yukinojo and Ranmaru) for the very first time they seem totally incompatable but gradually as episodes come and go they seem closer to each other than any other pairings in the manga. When the two first meet, they are incontrolable and ungiving but bit by bit, Sunako softens up to Kyohei at lets him enter her space as they have similar likings such as horror movies anc ecetera but both are unknown to their similarities.
Occasionally, Takenaga and Noi (A girl who likes Takenaga) get into a few scraps themselves when Noi finds trouble confessing her feelings to Takenaga. Likewise for Takenaga, he too finds it hard to confess and sometimes Kyohei likes to get in the way to annoy Noi.
Yukinojo being a scaredy-cat is quite fearfull of Sunako but steps up when a friend is in need.
Ranmaru, the play boy enjoys dating married women and has a moral not many like. But when his eyes are set on a girl, his love for her is complicated and he himself does not know but it never falters.
The main storyline is full of suspense and emotion espically the antics of Kyohei and Sunako. Hilarious beyond words.
Overall, I think the storyline and the characters are fantastic. It keeps you stuck to reading the same page over and over again. Not too magicial but a manga with loads of fun, laughter, peace and joy.

Rating: 9


The art is one thing i love. The hairstyles have been modelled for which makes the hairstyle really amazing.
The drawing is quite realistic espically the eyes, hairstyles and poses. The chibi parts are rather cute, not too much details but really cute and original. I like the realistic touch of the drawing finding easier to daydream about how the characters would look like in real life. Since there are loads of Chibi Sunakos, i look forward to the parts when Sunako is drawn in human like form. Most of the times protecting someone or with Kyohei. The hairstyles are similar yet different but i find it rather easier to differ character from character as each has their own individual styles which is what i like about the manga other than the storyline and the character design. The life-likeness of the characters make the story really enjoyable to read. The parts where the characters are supposed to animate seems as if the pictures are really moving the way that Tomoko has drawn them. The art quality has stunned me speechless.

Rating: 8


Gomen! There is no sound in manga only dialogues ^^

The dialogue between the characters are very natural as if a human were speaking except its on paper. Each has their own unique style in their speech. You can differ them easily by their speech as each has their own unique individual dialogue. The genre of the manga matches the dialogue really well. Its not in poetry but in simple yet suspense dialogue which makes the manga even more intresting to read.

Rating: 9


There are loads of humour in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wallflower) as they get into quite alot of scraps and terribly humourous situations. The concept of it being an everyday life manga is very good as it does not exaggerate but has a very adventours touch to it. The main storyline is full of suspense and emotion. I find it a very enjoyable manga and will never regret reading it. The presentation all in all is very good and worth reading. The storyline, art and the dialogue is very good and very like-like.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by burijetto, Jan 20, 2007


  1. yue_hikaru Jan 20, 2007

    It seem like a quite interesting series when I read the first chapter. still looking for more though.

  2. kokuyu Jan 20, 2007

    yay! though i've never read Wallflower yet, reading your review already points well [coincidently!] my favourite choice. true to life stories are what makes it easily related and understood by all. i like the way where the speech do not exaggerate to the point that it makes me scratch my head ^^' .

    life is always that way. we either feel awkward or resistful during the first time moments, until we get to know each other well, life changes dramatically. hey, that sounds like Shakugan No Shana too! XD

  3. norine07 Jan 26, 2007

    hahax..! nice one, though a little short hahax..! spelling hahax..! must improve-ne..! gambateh, check with the auto dictionary next time..! ^^

  4. Hanazaki Sep 07, 2007

    Absolutely hilarious, both anime and manga. But I preferred reading the manga coz it's tells more story than the anime.
    Good review!

  5. KenrenTaishou Jan 20, 2008

    I loved your review! <3
    I love the anime and manga too, but of course, the manga tell us more things than in the anime, but well, I just love the opening theme! >//< I think it's something sexy.. in a way o.o

    I'm reading the manga just now xD and the only thing I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh about the things that Kyohei and Sunako do :P

  6. SukiLovesAnime Dec 16, 2008

    I thought this anime was hilarious and kawaii @ the sametime.
    Cause of one guy saying "I hate ugly girls" when the main girl wasn't ugly @ all,
    but the anime was funny and near the end, she decided to become a lady for her aunt and I thought "that's so sweet of her to do."
    So I give this anime a very good rate on my sccount ^-^

  7. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

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