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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters tv Review

Story & Characters

I will be reviewing the intire Yu-Gi-Oh! anime including the "Shadow Games" and "GX" seasons. This review will be over the season cut out of the American the 1st one. Now because of the American dubbing company 4Kids entertainment, the anime known as Yu-Gi-Oh! is given bad reputation for being a show for reserved only for children. This is not the case, Yu-Gi-Oh! was presented to America in second season (because the first season was "too violent"). Anyway I'll start by reviewing the first season, "A Shadow Game". The main character is a 16 year old male named Yugi Muto. He is like any other high school student with the exeption of his short hight (and interesting choice of hairstyle). Yugi is timid and shy and so because of these thraits Yugi doesn't have any friends other than his childhood friend Anzu Mazaki (Tea Gardner in the American dub) and so he plays a varity of differnent games by himself. His grandfather Sugoruto Muto (nameless in the American dub), gave to Yugi an dark artifact from called the Sennen Puzzle also called the Millennium Puzzle, a puzzle once completed grants a user one wish. Anyway during breaktime in school Yugi is contiuing his eight year work (not mentioned) on the Millennium Puzzle, Jounouchi Katsuya and Honda Hiroto (Joey Wheeler and Tristin Taylor in the American dub) steal a piece of the puzzle and tosses it in the pool (Jounouchi belives this will make Yugi into a "man"). The school monitor (and a huge brute of a man) named Oshio confronts Yugi and offers to be his bodyguard. Yugi declines but Oshio insists. The next day Yugi finds that Oshio brutally beat up Jonouchi and Honda. Yugi then tries to defend them and Oshio tells Yugi that he'll stop but charges Yugi 200,000 Yen (2000 dollars). Before the day is over Yugi finishes the puzzle he realizes he's missing a piece. Yugi the goes to the school suspecting the lost piece to be there only to be found by a money-hungary Oshio. Yugi tells him that he cannot possibly pay him and his beaten up. Jounouchi and Honda had just found the last piece of the puzzle. Jounouchi gives an unconsence(sp) Yugi the last piece before him and Honda futlilly trying to fight Oshio. It is now shown that what Yugi wished for this entire time were true friends. After Oshio finishes of Jounouchi and Honda he walks away laughing. Yugi then discovers the final piece resting in his hand and puts in with the rest completing the puzzle. This in turn awakens the dorment spirit within the puzzle known later as the "Other Yugi" and even later as "The Nameless Pharaoh." The Other Yugi then challenges Osiho to a Yami no Game (A Game of Darkness also known as a Shadow Game). Keep in mind there is NO SHADOW REALM! Anyway the Other Yugi wins punishing Oshio with insanity. Normal Yugi remembers none f this and continues daily life with his new friends facing thiefs, crimnals, and an unknown evil intity.Yugi's rival Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba Kaiba appears in this series along with another one of Yugi's friends, Miho (who is also Honda's love interest) who only appears in this series. The Duel Monsters cards show up only twice in the series and those times are against the arragont, CEO Seto Kaiba. Bakura and Shadi also make a brief appearence here as well.

Rating: 8


The art is kind of dated, but hey this series was released in 1997. Overall the backgrounds are great and the characters are drawn well too. As expected the artwork evolves as the series moves on to the Duel Monster series but I'll talk about that in my next review.

Rating: 5


The voiceovers are great and the Openings and Ending animation is great as well, untarnished by dubbing.

Rating: 8


Mystery, romance, action, fanatsy, humor, ect. This anime has it all, it's very enjoyable and I'm glad this series didn't get aired in the U.S. so it can stay they way it is. The offical card game wasn't released a few years later. If you want to watch this series, unfortunatly you'll have to download it as it hasn't yet been released in America. If you want figure out where to get these episode I'll be happy to tell you so feel free to ask.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by HellKaiserZarel, Sep 21, 2006


  1. tchariin Dec 01, 2006

    Yu-Gi-Oh is a much better series than most give it credit for, and as you said, the dub is to blame. The series remains the only anime I have seen that had filler arcs whose quality matched the rest of the series.
    Though, I would recomend you add a few paragraph breaks to your review.

  2. Sheila4Sieghart Dec 08, 2006

    I think the original yu-gi-oh has a better plots, though in yu-gi-oh gx the dubbing really is to blame.

  3. beyondmeasure Jan 24, 2008

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is quite good, but is marred by the less-than-fantastic art (even the 90's had high-quality anime with outstanding art), and the absurd - ach, mein Gott! - dubbing.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX sucks. Plain and simple.

  4. SchRita Jan 15, 2010

    Thanks for the review!

  5. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    thx for the review! :3 a nostalgic anime... ^^

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