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Hot Gimmick

Hot Gimmick manga Review

Story & Playability

Hatsumi Narita loves in a company block so she faces all her father's coworkers, bosses, bosses's wives, bosses's wives sons and daughters, coworker's wives, coworkers' sons and daughters... you get the idea.

The Tachibana family (ie the bosses or in Hatsumi's imagination, the Royalty) are arrogant, annoying and incredibly not understanding when it comes to just about anything.

Her long time childhood enemy, Ryoki Tachibana is intelligent yet incredibly cold.

The manga all starts when a misunderstanding leads her into becoming Ryoki's slave, and the appearance of a childhood friend, who is moving back to Tokyo. What's more, this childhood friend is just about the most sought after guy since he became a magazine model.

Has love sprung up in the air? What tactics have these guys got up their sleeves? Or is there another competitor in this rat race towards Hatsumi's heart?

Plenty of catfights and acts of jealousy rise- and it's altogether a quite compact 12 volumes of manga.

This story is about love, games and most of all, extramarital/partner affairs.
Sure, it sounds a bit tacky at first, but there aren't many words to really describe this manga but just... hot. And apart from that... it's still... hot. Just.

Rating: 6


The art of Hot Gimmick is... hot.
(Really, as I said, there aren't many words to describe this XD)

The characters are drawn exceptionally well in shojo style. All the male characters (unless those who aren't major roles in the manga) are all exceptionally good looking, and the art conveys messages quite clearly. There is a minor criticism though, and that is the actual appearance of the main character and her younger sister, Akane. Though they are sisters, they don't really appear to resemble each other- what's more, Shinogu (older brother) looks more like Akane.

Another crit I have is the drawings of the guys. Though I have given the artist (Miki Aihara) praise for drawing these drop dead gorgeous guys, I have found it very VERY hard to keep track of who Azusa was. He was almost like some weird super secret agent spy/ master of disguise because I should have been able to recognise him even if he had a hair cut. There were some chapters where I'd start reading and go "who on earth is that?!" and then realise it was actually Azusa.

I especially liked the cute almost chibi like drawings like Hatsumi having her soul leave her body from shock. There are a number of these drawings and they are pulled off rather well.

There's nothing particularly special about this art- but I kind of like the whole modern almost like the American TV show "Becker" opening scenes with the slightly filtered city shots. The clothes and that kind of setting frame worked really well and gave an impression of sophistication and high and fast lifestyles.

Rating: 7


Sound?! XD

I'm going to talk about CHARACTERS in this section instead.

Hatsumi is probably far too anti-feminist in my opinion. At first I thought that she was rather funny because of her comical nature (not by Hatsumi's will, but more like what was imposed on her with the art). As a main female character, she possesses flaws that irk me.
She's not particularly attractive, she's quite unintelligent, and she's far too submissive. For this particular story, it does make sense in a way that so many of these (sought after) guys would be running head over heels for her, because they have known each other since childhood, and they know she is kind. However, I really don't find her all that appealing... but this was towards the end.

Ryoki should really be the king of domestic violence. I simply admire him as a prodigy and for being such a hero, but at the same time I found him violent, insensitive and inconsiderate. Despite all this, I still admired him, and his character suited him so well... except for the violent part.

Azusa was a complete hunk at the beginning, but my high opinion of him soon degraded after his darkest innermost secret was revealed. There were times when I would feel sorry for him... but I felt that he was a coward running away from reality. He likes Hatsumi, yet won't admit it... he wants to *insert spoiler here* but has to accomplish that through other indirect means. And as an even more selfish and cowardly gesture in order to *repeat previous spoiler here* he sacrifices others instead.

Shinogu should have probably had a bigger role in the whole story instead of hogging a chunk towards the end. I won't reveal the outcome of what he becomes, but based on what he does, he's really not all that brave. He's probably the most kindest and considerate out of all the three male characters, but in reality (and even in the manga), kindness and virtue sometimes doesn't really get you anywhere.

Overall, the characters were done really well (because they either make my blood boil or make my heart pound... at times) but they have flaws. This is probably at the fault of the overall storyline, determining what their roles and personalities, but at times I really did find some of them exhibiting signs of bipolarity.

Rating: 6


I simply couldn't understand why there is a shojo manga aimed at... girls... featuring a guy hitting a girl... and the girl being submissive about it...

This is definitely not a manga for younger people. You must be at least 15 or above I say, or have a pretty mature mind to read this. Partially because of the submissive girls being hit thing, and the other half the amount of mature content it had. To be honest I was actually quite surprised that it had bits of mature content in it. While it's not frequent, it stands out sometimes, and this was one of the reasons why I was hesitant in recommending this manga to a friend.

There are times when the manga is incredibly humorous, and I found myself laughing at various occasions because of either disbelief or shock that something so ridiculous has happened. Most love scenes are either bitter or sweet... or empty.

The latter stages of the manga started to become longwinded, almost reminding me of a cliche TV drama where a breakup would lead to chaos, a get together again, and then another breakup and third parties are then involved. In fact, it almost became too melodramatic like Young and the Restless on the page.

The ending, to me, was poorly done.
I thought it was almost like an anti-climax. It's a bit like a Cinderella story gone wrong, but more in the sense that the ending was perhaps too forced and just didn't really satisfy me. All the "hotness" the manga was about had just about faded at the end.

Overall, it's a manga worth reading for sure. Don't take it too seriously because you'll either fall in love with the manga or complete despite it to its ashes till the day you've burned the pile down depending on how you react to the ending.

If you're into eye candy on the page and various love triangles, squares and possibly even pentagons and family feuds, Hot Gimmick is just the right thing. After all, it's getting a bit hot in here... isn't it?

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

5.83 (average)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, Jul 31, 2006


  1. Akaiken Jul 31, 2006

    Hmm... haven't seen you submitted a review for ages Misa! ^_^'

    Don't know this but I'll try to say something about it.

    Done good on the story and character part. I just think that you don't need to say how many volumes does the manga has (personal opinion, just don't mind if you read this...). Apart on that, I can't say more. Hmm... the art part, I think I kinda know what you mean. Me wants to see those "chibi like" drawings you mentioned. Misa, I think that the characters are not the only topic you can take up for the sound section. Since you're reviewing a manga, why not also go with the script as well. Maybe we can have some opinions from you about how did the writer made interpretations on each character by how they interact on the manga. Well, me won't say on the last one since... you know, I think I should just see it for myself. XD

  2. screenlooker Jul 31, 2006

    i liked the first volume
    thats all ive read though

  3. melymay Jul 31, 2006

    Interesting. After reading this, I think you've gotten me to consider reading it (cause you mentioned hot guys XD). I don't mind the mature parts, unless there's a whole bunch nudity on almost every page, then I'll considering reading it in 6 years from now. If not I might start reading after I finish with Kame-Kaze. A manga I've been literally dying to read.

    Anyways, pretty good review :)

  4. Ayasal Jul 31, 2006

    Very nice review :) I totally agree with your review, very nicely written^^ good job!
    I read up until volume 5, but I sort of lost interest in the manga.
    ever since I started hating Ryoki, I liked that violence side of him, but he said was said he was a virgin and wanted to practice and all... it really turned me off. my first impression him was cold and cool... but then it made me think that he was very imature :P

  5. Skitzophrenik Aug 01, 2006

    I have enjoyed the series through #11 where it is now. Though I'm a sucker for romantic/comdeyesqe type manga.

  6. nolove Aug 01, 2006

    wow hot gimmick iss sooo kool XD, im happy that in the final she shoose Ryouki, ryou just put on a mask in his face, he's even looks like a child more than Hatsumi XD, but her sis...humm i forget her name, but she is kool too XD XD

  7. suikodee Aug 02, 2006

    I've read ~7-8 volumes and lost interest quickly after. I usually just skim through it if I go to a bookstore along with other mangas that I usually feel an obligation to continue since I already started. I feel your review is justified; and I don't think I'll be finishing this series soon. All the male characters were drawn very hotly, but it doesn't give much to the story and the poor characterization. I feel like there could've been more, but then again, this series shouldn't be dragged any more than it should have. Good review.

  8. KenshinJennings Aug 03, 2006

    I know how you feel; I read the first few volumes of the manga and soon lost intrest. I mean, the story doesn't really make me want to go read the next volume immediately, and the characters are so-so.

    And yeah, Hatsumi is too submissive. If a guy like Ryoki tried to do something like what he did to Hatsumi to me, I'd grab the nearest object and bash his skull in.

  9. bokinhvan Banned Member Aug 06, 2006

    uhm,nice preview,i like ryoki va youns sister .They are very cute.Her 's story is romace.

  10. ScribbleKitty Aug 07, 2006

    I think it might have deserved a higher rating, but I agree with just about everything you mentioned. Especially Azusa! I can never recognize him and always mix him up with Shinogu! But they definatly are all pretty. Plus it was just so addictive! I would plan to read for a few minutes and just couldnt put it down. I always had to know what was gonna happen next to this poor group.

  11. Sakuyai Aug 09, 2006

    I'm actually 13, so I might be able to consider myself mature since I happen to own the series. Its a really good review, and describes it almost perfectly. ^o^. True, I don't see whats so good about Hatsumi though. I'm sitll waiting for the last book, so some of these comments are really spoilers though. xD. No problem though.

  12. ChiekoKawabe Jun 09, 2009

    I believe it deserves a 6.5-7-ish rating, but the review's not bad!

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