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Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night tv Review

Fate/stay night was originally a game developed by TYPE-MOON, and is also the first creation which TYPE-MOON made after going into business (instead of being a group of Doujinshi artists).

Seven Masters, Seven Servants. Only one can correspond to the Holy Grail.

In the legend, the Holy Grail is an artifact that can make your wishes come true, in order to summon the Holy Grail, a ceremonial is required. The seven Masters chosen by the Holy Grail will be granted the seven Servants chosen by the Holy Grail: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. The Master must prove him/herself that he or she is the only one qualified to use the Holy Grail. In other words, he or she must defeat all the other Masters to prove him/herself.

Shiro Emiya lost his parents in a fire when he was young, and was adopted by a magician, even though he denied teaching Shiro magic, the un-talented Shiro still master a little. When the magician died, Shiro remained a worthless magician. Entangled with the "War of the Holy Grail" by accident, Shiro was granted the Servant "Saber" and was chosen to be one of the seven Masters.

Credits: kulthuzard

- Alternative retelling from the perspective of different characters will be merged here.

Story & Characters

The synopsis is pretty clear in explaining what exactly the anime is about, so I'll spare you the time to read another synopsis.

After watching the last episode today, the anime did fairly well to meet my expectations. As a hentai-game adaption I wasn't expecting it to be superb, but I also wasn't expecting it to be utter crap either because of what I had read about it. Thankfully the anime proved to be quite a satisfying watch.

From the synopsis you can probably determine that this anime will have quite a bit of fighting in it, and what's great is the action doesn't disappoint. The story about the Holy Grail war helps to liven up the action between characters in the anime. Because unlike regular shonen anime where fight scenes occur just because it'd be cool to see how powerful the hero in the anime becomes or whatever, FSN puts fight scenes in where they fit and actually gives greater purpose to the action on screen. As the anime progresses, Shirou becomes more aware of what he is involved in and what he must do. And because of this, his relationship with Saber grows stronger with each fight. I won't go into too much detail about Shirou and Saber's relationship, because part of what makes the anime good is the way Shirou and Saber interact. You can find out and enjoy for yourselves!

Shirou also has other companions (besides Saber) in the anime and none more important than Tohsaka Rin. Rin assists Shirou (even though they are both servants fighting the same war) and is a huge part of Shirou's development throughout the anime. Shriou himself is quite an ignorant idiot and there are points in the anime where you ask yourself why Shirou is even the main character, but Rin is there to be the wiser of the two and make sure Shirou is on the right path. With Shirou and Rin there is again another nice combination of characters in the anime.

Overall the anime has a fairly decent story line. However, if the anime were to possess more intriguing plot twists, or at least a few side characters that add to the story (the only one that displayed any real importance was basically Ilya) then the rating I would give would be higher, but not by much. There were parts in the anime that were kind of cheezy and there were others where you would question how that was even possible, but in the end I was quite impressed with what I saw.

Rating: 7


The art in the anime is actually quite well done. I'm not an artist so I can't critique the art too critically, but for simplicity's sake I liked what I saw. The fighting effects were very impressive, especially the nobel phantasms (you'll learn about those if you watch the anime :P).

I really liked the character design, from Shirou's casual clothes, all the way to Archer's red trench coat and Rider's sexy one piece leather suit. Rin was my favorite character, I absolutely loved her outfit and her hairstyle and her sexy green eyes! Throughout the anime characters and their design were both superb. Everything in the anime looked great actually, the artists did quite well to make the characters and surroundings look slightly more realistic than other general anime.

Overall the art was pretty good, I didn't really notice any parts in particular where the art was flawed or distorted so bad that it made me cringe or anything. But don't take my judgement too seriously, what I think looks good may just be medicore to an actual artist with far greater talent than myself (not that I have any to begin with)! haha.

Rating: 8


When I watched the first episode and heard Shirou's voice the first time, I immediately thought, 'great another Sasuke.' but to my surprise the voice actor for Shirou was casted quite appropriately. The rest of the voice actors fit their character's roles very well, I especially felt that with Fuji-nee and Rin's voice actors.

As for music, I have yet to listen to the OST for the series, however from what I can remember the BG music was all right, nothing spectactular as you can tell, otherwise I would have remembered and made a better comment :P. The OP and ED themes, on the other hand, I actually enjoyed. I especially liked the ending theme, and also the other 2 ending themes that were presented only once each. The opening themes are decent, if I had to choose I would say the 2nd theme is better than the 1st. Both the opening themes are quick paced songs, which help pump the viewers up for an expected action packed episode.

Rating: 7


Though the conclusion of the anime was quite predictable, I did enjoy watching the series. The action was what kept me hooked. Again, being based off a H-game there wasn't really anything too great expected, however for those of you who stopped watching Naruto and/or Bleach due to fillers, you can choose to pick up this series to help cope with the missing action from your viewing library for the time being.

The anime itself was not strictly all action, there were parts of humor, parts that were saddening, and parts where only dialogue was very intruiging. In the end, I'm sure those who start and finish the series will be fairly impressed with the final product. There was always something happening each episode and at the end kept me wanting to watch the next one as soon as I could. If you're looking for a interesting action anime besides the incredibly popular ongoing series of Bleach and Naruto, then I'd recommend this to you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you decide to watch the whole thing through.


Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by maikusama, Jun 21, 2006


  1. Sayoo Jun 21, 2006

    no way... ftn was awesome :) i knew whats gonna happen in the end and stuff... but the anime is a lot more than a "7,50" ...

  2. kinoko-san Jun 21, 2006

    yeah...if i were you i'll give 9,5 and the story is more than good,excellent indeed with interesting characters and some music that can make me chill,especially when archer used his UBW.For those who haven't watch F/S N,this is a must watch!

  3. dMp Jun 21, 2006

    the characters were indeed nice, but in all i like only Archer and Assassin. this review wasn't overly bias or favorable...so 7.5 sounds about right to me. being based off an h-game, it wasn't that great of an anime. the series could use more potential. i neither hated it or liked it. just something you all might want to consider watching if you ain't got nothing else to watch.

  4. royaldarkness Jun 22, 2006

    i loved this anime, it might not have the best plot or anything, but it was enjoyable. i think it deserves around 8.0 rating, but still your review is good.

  5. zephryn Jun 22, 2006

    Nice review. I agree with the rating. Though, personally, I might have given it a slightly lower rating (but that's just me).

  6. crucismagna Jun 22, 2006

    Well Well...
    Good Beginning...
    Great Middle...
    Bad ending...
    They crushed Fate in later parts of the Anime...
    But 7,5 is fair ok... maybe 7 would be better ^^/

  7. SebastianvonKane Jun 22, 2006

    I agree with the 7.
    I was expecting the anime since I had the chance to play the game, and as well as you said, quite predictible.
    7 is fair, quite fair (not to think that it was much for my opinion).
    And about your review, I found it to be very accurate, but F/SN has turned into a cult anime (just as Gundam Seed Destiny, which I disliked).
    Well, what can I say, I'm not an anime fan after all.

  8. Firemace Jun 22, 2006


    Hrm...perhaps this ain't the fever for most of fantasy/ romanace / action / gothic anime ? Nah....that's total nonsense. Cuz we know its one of the few paths down FSN.

    I somewat agree with your review.Rather Decent story line(for FATE regard charactors or the plot) A lengther espiode, i will agree on a 9 and above. It ain't repentitive like GSD epsiodes.

    I'll give it a 8.25 .But its one of my Fav. Anime nxt to Eva now. Ah...Archer is....ops i aint suppose to say.

  9. Hasuke Jun 22, 2006

    Keep in mind the FSN anime was based on the FATE storyline, which as regarded as a mediocre plot path. the Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel storylines are much better however they require basic knowledge of the holy grail war, servants, the process of summoning the grail, etc etc.

    Also keep in mind that just because FSN has h-scenes doesn't mean it's entirely an erogame with no point other than sex. Blame the mediocrity of the anime's story on the Fate storyline. It's more or less a "get used to the world and it's themes" plotpath.

  10. SOUL-BLADE Jun 22, 2006

    Okay im getting the impression here, that some of you were'nt expecting a lot out of the plot or storyline because it was based on a "H-game". Though wasn't the game a big hit in Japan because of its impressive and complex storyline/ scenarios? Isn't it incorrect to label it as a H-game, because it implies its all about sex? Wasn't it more a visual novel.

    Anyway 7.5 is a reasonable verdict I suppose if your just in it for the action, though I wouldn't really consider it an all action anime like Bleach or Naruto. Its a blend of action, drama, fantasy and perhaps romance if you were into the the interaction between the two main characters (some thought their development was too rushed).

    The anime was overall very enjoyable for me. Its flaw if you consider it one was that it tried to do too much. It tried to convey major elements from the game in which its based on without the room and backstory to make them develop more naturally.

    That aside its still enjoyable and a recommended watch.

    I would have given it a little higher, maybe around 8.

  11. crucismagna Jun 22, 2006

    It's not like it's crap...
    The Story was good... The "Heaven's feel" storyline of the game is Amazing!
    But... the anime's story crushed the series...
    7 is more than enough for an anime who promised so much and done nothing!

  12. maikusama Jun 22, 2006

    I did think about giving the anime a review closer to 8, but in my opinion there wasn't that much complexity in the storyline. The story revolved around the holy grail war and that's pretty much it. There was nothing other than master's fighting each other and Shirou's development from an invidual who hardly knew anything about magic, let alone the holy grail war, to someone who tries to 'save the world'. Mind you that kind of storyline fit decently with the anime overall, but to say it deserves a 9+ is a little over the top.

    Oh and SOUL-BLADE, when I said it was based off a H-game and I wasn't expecting much, I basically meant that if you had seen other Game to Anime conversions they weren't that impressive so this series might have followed that trend. I wasn't trying to imply it was all about sex or anything and it would be bad because of that XD and H-game is just what any game is classifed as whether it has 1 sex scene or 100 sex scenes.

  13. AngelEyes3 Jun 24, 2006

    OOH .. I believe that this anime is awesome and deserves more than 7.50
    Although there are some complexity in the story, that doesn't mean not give it a rate of 9
    Well, at the end this is just my opinion.
    Good review though.

  14. ahjin91 Jun 24, 2006

    i would rate tis anime 10.. is a must watch anime

  15. jaguar88 Jun 24, 2006

    Im a Fan of Saber and Fate stay night!
    10 for this! how can it be 7.5?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    if posible, 100!

  16. fritz79 Jun 24, 2006


  17. drastikhate Jun 25, 2006

    FSN is a great anime but was messes up somewhere at the ending. Shirou's character development wasnt very good. Most of the time it shows that he wants to become a hero but i felt something was missing. I think without Rin, Shirou would be long gone even with Saber. I consider Rin as a favourite character, she had the looks, smarts and power so why isnt she the main character? I'm sure fans wouldnt even mins saber being her servant. Well, what i really wanted was more character interaction and at least some side characters worth remembering. I also notice the anime was cut short of many things from the game. They need to manage the time in the anime to improve. 7.5 is kinda high. i give it a 7.2 at least. This is a good anime mind you, it just isnt 100% perfect.

  18. sudokyoichi Jun 25, 2006

    any one know if thers going to be a sequal to the anime just like the sequal to the game

  19. Einzbern Jul 03, 2006

    its wonderful. i'd say 7.5 is an understatement dude. i mean,i was so touched by the final episode. its so freaking wonderfully done,so touching n all. i'd say the best ending i've seen yet to an anime.

  20. K-Dash Jul 08, 2006

    7.5 its fair i wasnt as great as i thought it will be

  21. tzmtong333 Jul 12, 2006

    I feel the review is quite fair, despite being a die-hard FSN fan. Though I have enjoyed the anime immensely, the overall character development which I feel was certainly not enough. If more could be told about Toshaka Rin and some of the heroes (especially Archer, one of my favourite characters), then this anime could have been much better. Still, I love this anime and will recommend anyone to watch it. After that, I will advise to find out more about the FSN stories in the visual novel descriptions, manga etc (Tsukihime as well, but that is out of the subject) and find out more about the complex but truly impressive storyline/scenarios by Typemoon.

  22. Soukyuu Jul 25, 2006

    The anime was pretty good, though I wasn't to fond of the whole SaberxShirou thing in the last few eps.(prob. because I'm a RinxSaber fan >.>; but meh), the over all show was good. Though I agree when most say that more time and explanation about some of the characters backgrounds should have been explained because for those who haven't played the game the whole Sakura/Rin part may have been confusing (not knowing that the two are actually sisters) and Archers er past I guess. Anyways aside from a few things here and there the anime was good.

    p.s. I have not played the game, the only reason I knew about Sakura and Rin bein sisters was from a fan site, (wiki also played a part in that) as well as Archer bein Shirou in the future.

  23. kikopogi Jul 29, 2006

    Fate/Stay Night is a very good anime hehe hope there will be a new series. Will they produce a new series for this anime? hehehe I loved this but sad ending went through hehe.

  24. yue_hikaru Jan 21, 2007

    F/SN is pretty good. the major flaw is only that the anime didn't explain much of the character relationship. and there's still many mistery in there. well I'm hoping that it would get Fate/Hollow Ataraxia anime too.

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