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Scrapped Princess

Scrapped Princess tv Review

There is a bad prophecy told to the king that a baby will be born in his kingdom. The baby is said to bring chaos and destruction into the world, and the cursed baby is Pacifica Casull, the newborn princess that will bring the curse at the age of 16.

To escape the prophecy, the baby was buried in the darkness right after birth, and no one is suppose to talk about this omen. However, one assasins after another is coming to kill Pacifica, who is not suppose to exist in the first place, and so the elder brother and sister of Pacifica: Shannon and Raquel, sets on a journey to protect their only sister.
Synopsis by: Niomea

Story & Characters

Long ago the great prophet Saint Brendale foretold the birth of The Scrapped Princess, who on her 16th birthday is destined to be The great poison who will destroy the world. When the child was finally born into this world she was meant to be killed but instead secretly rescued.
Pacifica Casull, now 15 years old, is on the run protected by her adopted brother and sister Shannon and Raquel Casull. People have discovered that she is still alive, and fearing that St Brendale's prophecy will come true are fighting to destroy her before she reaches the eve of her 16th birthday.

I realize there is diversity in the opinions on the subject of plot, but it is always good to have the two ends of the scale. For me, I quite enjoyed this story. It has a medieval feel surrounding it, mixed with a bit magic and swordplay. For an anime, I think that is rather unique as a lot of what is out there is between mecha and school based.
There are no real annoying filler episodes I found myself wanting to see what happens next at the end of every episode. There is a point in the anime, where it takes a real turn from what you thought the setting was, and while some people may find it a bit far-fetched, I think just keep your mind open.
Now, some people find the end of this series to be rushed or needed to be longer. So I set myself up for a disappointing ending, but I was pleasantly surprised at what the ending offered. It was neat and served what it was supposed to.

As for characters, there is not really that much you can do in a 25 length anime series. There is not THAT much character development, but I found myself liking all the characters for who there were. There were a couple of scenes with characters struggling within themselves to do what they felt was right, and while maybe a little cliche at times, it did not bring down the feel of the show.
I also liked the fact that there is not really a baddie to speak of. Each person has their own goals and desires and what may seem righteous for them may be different for someone else, which is much like life really.

Sure, there have been a lot better-developed stories and plots in anime, but Scrapped Princess is definitely worth watching if you enjoy a bit of medieval settings and unexpected twists.

Rating: 7


Okay, done by the same studio that did the art for Full Metal Alchemist and I love Full Metal Alchemist ^.^.
Watching the show was enjoyable. The character designs were unique and pleasing - no one look terribly the same and each character with their own unique design (that does not include Zephyres and Natalie ^_~).

Oh but
a) Wynia and a couple other female chest and tops designs were annoyingly unrealistic. It baffles me how a top can just sit like that. Male animators...
b) Leonard's hair - his bangs at the side of his head I really wanted to cut off badly.

Joking around aside, the settings were nice, and even though a little repetitive, who can really complain what the world it is set in, there is not really that much you vary with. Also, costumes while were nothing too special, but they suit the feel and almost give have a kind of futuristic feel to them ^_~.

Rating: 6


Surprisingly the dub of this anime turned out pretty good, and while almost always (I've yet to pick one that is not) the Jap voice acting is better than English, I like the English cast. Pacifica's voice actor had a kind of childish innocence to it, which I think was well suited and the males such as Shannon and Chris all suited their parts. If I had to be picky, sometimes Leo and Raquel got on my nerves a bit but oh well.

The soundtrack is nothing spectacular, but suits this anime; each scene had music that was suited for its purpose. When I first heard the ending song I was a bit skeptical, but it does grow on you, well it did for me.

5 for the music, about 7 for the voice acting - comparing both English and Japanese.

Rating: 6


There is a bit of everything here; you laugh, you cry, you get annoyed, you feel happy. Storyline lines moved well enough and characters were relatable and likable.

I think this is worth your while watching. It is light-hearted (well compared to some of the other stuff out there) and not too complicated yet enough complexity to keep you interested.

Of course, this is my personal review, but I tried to be as neutral as I could. I think it will be worth your while checking it out, especially fans of shows like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon -Fantasy animes. Now I know they are not really what you can compare it too, but I think people who enjoyed those anime will definitely find some enjoyment out of Scrapped Princess. For the people who like Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis or shows which really keep you thinking on your feet - I'd steer clear of it.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by Kukuru, Apr 29, 2006


  1. Loneprincess Apr 29, 2006

    hey not a bad review.....^^

  2. Earthguardian Apr 29, 2006

    cool review but a bit low. I really loved this series and give it at least an 8 in my opinion. I really did like your nuetral view though.

  3. FrostBlade13 Apr 30, 2006

    I think you did a good review of Scrapped Princess, personally, I probably would have rated it a little higher, but everyone has thier opinion.

  4. desire6742 Apr 30, 2006

    suggest read novel

  5. hoduken May 01, 2006

    i really thought this anime was one of the best i have seen. if it was me i would have bumped the rating up to something around 9, but thats me.

  6. tayots May 01, 2006

    nice review on this anime.

    it has a good story, great character art, and cute and there's an unexpected surprise at the end of the episode!

    yet the review is only 7.33...make it 8 at least :)

    anyway, i really love this anime, in fact its one of my fav. i would say my rating is 9 or almost 10 :)

  7. langsakti May 03, 2006

    nice work. as for me, i think i'll give more point because i like this series. As f or the arts, i really think it's quite good. take an overall view. 6 is too low for me. at least i'll give 8.00. and sound is not bad either. but everyone have their own opinion, and that's that.

  8. R0AR May 09, 2006

    Yea... I really enjoyed Scrapped Princess from the start. Just reading the synopsis, it grabbed my attention... I'd probably rate this an 8 because it was really good but it wasnt great! The ending was kind of bad so it reallly disappointed me but a lot of endings arnt tat great to begin with. To me the best part of this anime was when she lost her memory and starts to like that guy but after he dies and she gets her memory back and she cant remember that guy anymore but still cries... it really got to me

  9. Rassvetnaya May 11, 2006

    Yay, not bad review, reallly...but it lacks something...about series, I'd like to add that last few episodes just turn the whole world upside down. I was reeeeeaaaaly surprised. The author mentioned that the art resembles FMA, yes it's true. To my opinion it's annoying...they could at least try to make some more "not-so-alike" characters :\

  10. Rosegirl18 Dec 05, 2007

    I like how you rated practically for all your sections - I'm often scolded for rating too high >.<

    Great job on your first review! I look forward to your future articles.
    A few points I woud like to point out: sometimes you are very casual in presenting your facts, and some people don't like that in a review. Next time, please watch for your set-up and tone.

    Overall, good job. :D

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