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Chobits tv,manga Review

Story & Playability

I think that chobits is an amazing story an a perfect example of Clamp's work. I love the contrast between the humor and the romance, it creates a very nice atmosphere. I found Hideki a little anoying at times, but chii just remained cute all of the way through. Some people think that some parts of chobits are quite pervy, but i disagree .. okay fine they are pervy, but not in a bad way at all. Without them the story would not be half as good as it is, and also they all make sense in the end. The reason i gave chobits 9 is mainly because of the manga. The manga i would give 9.99999(etc) out of 10, but the anime only 7.5 or 8, it was a little too comedic and bouncy, which did fit nicely but i think it meant that chobits lost something that was in the manga. I think that behind all the comedy and romance chobits is very dark, and this was totally lost in the anime. It's a pity because i liked the way that the manga was secretly dark ... I was not disapointed with the ending of the manga at all, but i was just a tiny bit with the anime. The manga ending was much more detailed and much more meaningful, but the anime adding in unimportant things and erased others which the must have just looked over, because some of the things they erased where very important. Other than one or two slips here and there, an exellent anime which i enjoyed watching very much (taught me something as well) ^_^
***something else***
there is a story within a story in chobits, it is called 'a city with no people'. that story is very important and reflects what is happening to hideki and chii, if you look at it in a different way it can reflect the truth now, but no so much as a bad thing. In the manga the end of the city with no people story merges in with the end of chobits, but in the anime it doesn't. I think that something was lost when they didn't show the stories merging together, thats my personal opinion.

Rating: 9


The art in the manga was really stunning (i bought the artbook and everything! ) i loved the beautiful movements of the hair especially.. the anime was a little less detailed which is understandable though. The style was totally perfect for the story and was very unusual for a comedy, which i liked. In the manga it states that chii's hair is white (i LOVE anime charactors with white hair!!) but in the anime (here i go again) she was blonde?? i think that ruined it a tiny bit and i feel like they made her blonde for the purposes of marketing and advertising and .. well .. to make her blonde... big mistake. I think perhaps they thought that when the white hair was shaded, the grey would make her look old?? either way, manga still 100 times better for art than the anime, but i wasn't disapointed with the anime either : )

Rating: 10


Starting with the music, i thought it was a little over-the-top. It did fit very well and created a very nice atmosphere but i think they could have chosen something that would have fitted much better. The music clashed sometimes, for example when chii 'awakens' in the background you've got "yeah .. yeah .. let me be with you..." sung in really weird voices and it just does not fit. The ending music was the oposite, it totally fits on chobits. The voices fitted perfectly for all of the charactors, especially chii, 10/10 totally spot on, exactly how i imagined from reading the manga. Hideki's voice wasn't quite like i imagined but then it was fine and after you had got used to it, the voice fitted his charactor very well. I also liked ms. Hibiya's voice very much, very gentle.

Rating: 7


Overall i enjoyed it very much, it was very funny and the manga was beautiful to read. The meaning in the manga was put clearly but i don't think the meaning in the anime was put so clearly, either way, definatly one of my favourite animes.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by purewish, Apr 14, 2006


  1. cyd84 Apr 14, 2006

    An interesting comparison of the manga with the anime...I've only seen the anime so I can't comment on that
    You might have explained a bit more about the story/characters in detail, but otherwise a useful review

  2. DaRkKaWaIiMaHa Restricted Member Apr 15, 2006

    good comparasion.... ive read the manga and whatched the anime... ant i know that they are realy diferent ^^
    good review... love it ^^

  3. ellis5038 Apr 17, 2006

    \(^0^)/ kawaii

  4. Northy Apr 17, 2006

    Actually, I think the manga and the anime had different endings (outside of... you know, the inevitable happening.) I can't discuss it without spoiling the show completely, so unless there's a way to do spoiler boxes here, that's gonna have to be a private discussion.

    As for the show, I liked it when it followed the manga, but didn't care so much for it when it started injecting filler episodes. (The "online gaming" episode, "Chii plays" irritates me the most.) That's just personal opinion, though, so don't mind me. ^^;;

    And finally, a small nitpick (because I'm like that. ^^;; ): Chii's hair isn't white, it's a very light brown. And I mean VERY light. If you read the beginning of the very last manga volume, you can see it there. Maybe that could be considered "blonde", though it does differ from the yellow-ish color from the anime like you mention.

    Lastly, I'd like to see you expand a little of your "presentation" part of the review. Since it has its own rating, I think it needs some fleshing out. Like, say.... explaining what is so funny, and maybe a little on how comedy and drama is balanced in the show. (Just some examples that you may or may not use.) Or something else. Just try.

  5. firstlastlove Apr 26, 2006

    holy %*^# that was like a all out review lol good job

  6. Kane773 Apr 26, 2006

    I liked Chobits and I like your review, you did a excellent job reviewing it.

  7. Lum-sann May 02, 2006

    I like your review, and i agree the art beeing 10 because is really well made, i also agree with the other ratings...well honestly i just think that the sound should be a little more hight.
    But you really made an good job :)

  8. Nevnarien May 17, 2006

    I do agree that anime never EVER follows the manga. Just like movies never really follow the books. And they did make the anime more bouncy almost like an airhead aura around it. I couldn't get into it like you, the more I watched the more i felt like an airhead. But just some constructive critisim.... try not to put too many of your opinions in a review but overall i enjoyed reading it.

  9. wald89 Jun 27, 2006

    I agree whit Chobits actaually being a dark story, but the Anime deserves better than 7,5 though

  10. vatican92 Mar 11, 2007

    NIce review.... I've also only read the manga... haven't seen the anime and the manga is a little.... as you said "pervy"

    It's quite a dark story but I didn't really understand how everything happened.... quite confusing
    I think Chobits was the best CLAMP anime

  11. rukasu04 Mute Member May 03, 2009

    Really good, this anime is very great lol

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