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Pia Carrot ova Review

Story & Playability

The story in Pia Carrot - The Movie, also known as "Welcome to Pia Carrot! - Sayaka's Love Story", is about Sayaka, who's been asked to work at the Pia Carrot restaurant at the beach during the summer by her manager. She agrees to go, reluctant to leave because of her secret crush on her co-worker Akihiko. While there, she feels uneasy, and the urge to confess her feelings to him grows stronger every day.

Being originally a hentai series (this movie is not, though), I wasn't expecting much when it came to the storyline, and I was right. The story is very shallow, and it lacks a real red thread, although you can see a glimpse of it during the movie now and then. It's just a typical romance story where a girl has a hard time confessing her feelings to a boy; nothing you haven't seen in an anime before. Adding a few daily problems, a form of beauty pageant and the emotions of the side-characters, and there you have it, Pia Carrot.

The characters aren't all that great either. They try to do some character development, showing flashbacks and such, but honestly, it's kind of hard doing that when the movie is about 50min long. The characters are interesting enough to keep you watching, but not interesting enough to be memorable. The weird part is that even though Akihiko is the guy Sayaka is crazy about, you still don't get to know him very well. He only takes up for about 10% of the entire movie. Very little considering you can call him the lead male in the show.

Rating: 5


The art is the best part in this movie. The characters are all beautiful with nice details and vibrant colours. Each and one of the characters have their separate beauty and charm, e.g. Tomomi with her childish, innocent looks and Natsuki with a more mature beauty.

The background is a bit of a let down compared to the characters, though, but it's not bad. Background images consists most of the time of non-moving art, even when there are people. And the rain, which occurs in the anime, doesn't feel natural (more like noise, if you ask me), and the same goes for the clouds.

Otherwise, the art in general, fits the genre very well. The anime is very light-hearted and so with the brightness the art brings, it does/might give you a hint of what genre the anime belongs to before you know what it is about.

Rating: 9


The music is very discreet, blending nicely to the atmosphere. Much of it give you a kind of tropical feeling, which fits the beach atmosphere very well.

In the movie you will hear three songs, one at the beginning, one about in the middle and one during credits. On a scale from 1-10, I would give them a general score of 6. They're all nice, but not very strong, meaning they won't get struck to your head, except for maybe the last one, "Close to You" by Reica.

The voice actors do a decent job portraying the characters' personalities, but many of them have squeaky voices. It's understandable if you get irritated by this when you watch the show. If it was any longer, I think I would. Nevertheless, it fits them and that's one of the more important things when it comes to voices. Some find them appealing, others don't. You can't satisfy everyone.

Rating: 7


Overall, Pia Carrot was quite enjoyable, but definitely not the best movie of its genre. You will notice that they tried to squeeze in a bit of humour and of course fanservice as well, just to make it more appealing. The beauty pageant felt a bit unnecessary but at least they gave a reason for it.

If you're bored and have about an hour to spare, I might just recommend you to watch this, but otherwise not. If you haven't seen this, you haven't missed out on anything. There's almost no progress in the story, in other words no real storyline, and the characters are just barely interesting. Like mentioned before, the only highlight in Pia Carrot is its art.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.33 (average)

Reviewed by Kori, Mar 25, 2006


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