Athrun07's Xenosaga Tv Review


Rated: 8

When wandering through Episode II's slick, sci-fi future, you'll still encounter enemies as entities visible on the screen. You can either attempt to avoid, engage, or ensnare them in a trap that you can activate nearby in some cases. You'll have to be ready to fight more often than not, as your foes are rarely parked with enough wiggle room to truly bypass them. Fortunately, the battle system has gone through some refinement, affording you a wide spread of options that you can use to fell even the most difficult of foes.

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Nightwolf0079's Xenosaga Tv Review


Rated: 9

Even though many religious and philosophical themes are present in the game, everything is so originally placed, that there is nothing that feels like "what the hell is that doing there?"

Unfortunately, the game could stand to have some more humor in the storyline and the cinematic, again, since that is where the story is. There are a few, but you'd have to be very patient, and even so, it is pretty weak. The game takes a couple months out of your game time (unless you're one of those nuts that play for days straight). Game play is pretty short, and the battle system is somewhat lacking, so if you want a "game-game", go somewhere else.

Character customization is great, if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, it is too complex for some of us pro-RPG players.

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Aerith0530's Xenosaga Tv Review


Rated: 8

As far as originality goes, Xenosaga is very good. Nowadays, not much can be original with so many ideas being used and overdone. But, Xenosaga uses this idea of combining theology, science fiction, and fantasy. This is not done often, or not done at all! But in terms of game play, the aspects were all seen at some point, but twicked to fit the story perfectly. The game is pretty serious from beginning to end, but there are moments of lighthearted humor to lighten the mood a bit. While playing, it always tends to be a long cut scene and then a long dungeon rather than a mix. This will be good for story-driven people and people who likes movies, since the cut scenes are pretty much 30 minutes to an hour long anime episodes.

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