Z827's Utawarerumono Game Review


Rated: 7

= This is a review of Utararerumono ( Game ) =
It's been a very , very long time since I've last played a Visual Novel this enjoyable.
The vital focus on this game is not it's plotline but it's characters. A cast of characters the audience would grow to love after witnessing their typical everyday lives , to the dread they bear in a battlefield to the pain they bear in their hearts as the story goes on.

I found myself laughing , heartbroken and touched from one game with a fairly instable plotline that lacks proper elaboration here and there. I also find myself disturbed by a certain set of events , intrigued by the mystery behind the past of the protaginist or perhaps simply laughing my head off the comical scenarios of the game.

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Nauxolo's Utawarerumono Tv Review


Rated: 8

Because Utawarerumono does well above average in nearly all aspects, it does not excel in any particular one. There are many possible complaints and annoyances that one may point out. For example, there really are a lot of characters... and by the end, even some of the more key characters from the beginning are just ... there, not doing much. Of course, each character gets its own episode focus and we do get to know each one of them quite well AND each character has a decent role in each flowing episode, but it is just hard to give so much attention to everyone at the end.

Despite the potential problem of overextending itself, Utawarerumono tells a great story, with a great cast of characters.There is a good balance between personal stories and war events.

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Littlejonny100's Utawarerumono Tv Review


Rated: 9

The anime genre would be adventure with plenty of action, that is lots of fight scenes but at the same time a great deal of warm humour, the type that creates that fuzzy feeling in some, so be prepared to fall in love with at least one of the characters. Looking at the characters appearances one would say it is of a fantasy genre as well however towards the end a few ideas of science fiction invade this, but that can be left for your own discovery. In saying that no matter what type of person or anime your into there is bound to be something for you to enjoy in either the plot and characters themselves.

Utawarerumono presents itself beautifully with a perfect mix of genres and characters complimenting an exciting but equally touching storyline.

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KorganoS's Utawarerumono Game Review


Rated: 7

All in all, I really enjoyed playing Utawarerumono. And so far, I'm enjoying the anime series, too. It's not a jawdropping high-tech game, nor a super hentai game whatsoever, but Utaware gives the player and audience a long-lasting experience. I am brought to tears and joy by the story, and I'm enjoying every minutes of the battle scenes. There's not much humor in the story, considering this is an epic novel-style story, but I think Hakuoro's character is very interesting, and the girls are very lovable ^^

My advice:
If you want to plunge into Utaware world, start by watching the anime. After you are able to get a grasp on the story background, then the game will explain even more and will be more entertaining to you.

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