Corvyie's Trinity Blood Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 7

The show in itself as an Anime is very well-executed. It is enjoyable, certainly captures attention if you can ignore the multiple changes in personality and such and it is worth watching. By far, the Manga is much more better in this aspect, as it provides much more to be enjoyed (and distraught about, in some cases) and it provides much more to be wanted and less to be guessed at. It keeps the audience more at the edge of their seat than the Anime had managed and may just appeal to more people with its various moments of extra added in humor that whilst the Anime does pull off its moments, cannot say to do the humorous aspects quite as well as the Manga had.

The concept of the whole series in the Anime is well-put, the battles between Good vs.

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Tsunoh's Trinity Blood Tv Review

Rated: 6

AGH- this is where it really fails. If you're a diehard fan of TRB, you might want to turn around now as this will sting.

First off, Characters.

All of them are the standard stereotypes in anime- the nice guy-suffering-internal-conflict, the girl who is rescued by the nice guy(and will inevitably fall for him), the bossy woman, and so on. It was bad enough to recycle character designs. But recycling personalities is just... lame. Did they even TRY to make them unique? And why is it that every single woman in this series except for Kate (Scott- the ghost) needed to be saved?

Some sugar *
* I admit having a vampire feeding on other vampires instead of humans was interesting.

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Athrun07's Trinity Blood Tv Review

Rated: 8

Value. Worth watching some of the other episodes multiple times, but the ending may well be worth watching once.

Enjoyment: Decent action, and a fairly complicated story make this one fun to watch multiple times. Abel'sw ability to switch from a highly proficient vampire hunter to a bungling idiot, is entertaining to watch, and makes this anime worth trying.

everything is excellent except the story/ending =(

i don't know what the storyboard ppl were thinking and i wished they explained somethings more clearly. if they did explain things, it would make the story a lot better

i feel excitement when watching this anime but the ending is bad but it's worth watching. i wish there is a second season because i really like this anime.

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Fallenfate's Trinity Blood Tv Review

Rated: 7

originality: not all that original to be honest.
its been likened to other vampire animes such as Vampire Hunter D, er, what was that other one.... erm.. Hellsing....and there are other ones thrown into the mix.
however, i thought it was quite an interesting storyline, i've never seen a storyline exaclty liek this dealing with a vampire feeding on vampires, who is fighting FOR the Vatican... and so on.
humour: forced if there is any. the clumsiness of Father/Lord Abel, is slightly pushed...i guess a cover up for the serious/dangerous side to him when he is with others..appearances can be deceiving you know.
enjoyability: i enjoyed, if slightly confused and annoyed at times due to characters names coming up that .... you'll understand with the whole JM Barrie reference coming up again..

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Wolfco's Trinity Blood Tv Review

Rated: 8

I impressed with Trinity Blood. It seems like it should be so lack luster and pathetic. You know the drill.... cataclysm, humans struggling to survive in alien dominated world, forces of Darkness rising to wipe them out for all time. Its got the heroic good guy (you know the one with the tragic past and the determination to make up for all the mistakes), the robot assistant (cold but dependable and occasionally surprisingly insightful), the cute but ineffectual girl (quote unquote love interest), the technical girl (who at the heart of it just wants to be loved), and the somewhat reformed vigilante. You just assume that it is going to be quid pro quo. You'll watch it, laugh a little, and then forget it. But, somehow it is not what you expect. No that isn't quite right.

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