Aekara's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

Rated: 9

Legend of Zelda:

Play control Was great for this title. The game uses the classic zelda overhead view. The controls were very simple. The A button is always used to control the sword of Link. The B button controls the other active item. A very simple and a very easy play control to learn and play.
Was actually relatively difficult. Some things were very hard to figure out and might make you want to look and find the solutions through a guide. Some of the dungeons were pretty large and difficult. A good selection of enemies varying in difificulty. The bosses could have used a bit of an upgrade at difficulty, but overal it was pretty hard Should take a 6

Link's Adventures

A different play control in this game than in any other Zelda Game.

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Knighty's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

Rated: 9

Typically, all Nintendo games have one thing in common: a perfect difficulty. Zelda is just like the rest, the difficulty is beautifully curved, but sometimes a little too easy. Nevertheless it is mostly perfect for any player. The replayability is great too, there are many many sidequests to do and they're all fun to play or do. These reward you with Heart pieces, or upgrades to your arsenal such as a bigger bomb bag, making these sidequests and enticing opportunity to improve Link. Zelda is also always fun to play! Never will you feel annoyed, or feel the game somehow cheated you. If you mess up it's always to do with you, not the game. The difficulty level helps to make this so.

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Link464's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

Rated: 7

Legend of Zelda games rarely ever get boring, and I can only recall two parts in Ocarina Of Time that I found to be rather dull. Other than that, Ocarina of Time is a very fast paced game, and it's quite hard to put the controller down most of the time. Even after you beat the game, there's just so much stuff in it that it will take you a long time to finish it completely. Although Ocarina Of Time been out for years now, I still find myself playing it quite a lot. Now Ocarina Of Time isnt that fun to watch, and its bad to watch because then you wont get to experience everything for your self completely. Oringinality is very creative and the characters are not similar to anything although it kinda looks like it takes place back during around lord of the rings era kind of.

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Zelimir's The Legend of Zelda Tv Review

Rated: 9

Hm, yeah there is some humor in this game, especially where these giant rock creatures run after Link to hug him, thats all i can remember for the humor, it was pretty funny. Link trying to save a princess, and the whole world, its pretty nice. This game is really, really, really fun to play once you get into it. It will surely take alot of your time, and this game is pretty long too. It took me maybe over a month to beat the whole thing, but i did not play 24/7. There is some mini-games in here that are lots of fun. Like there is bowling where you have to use this crawling bomb to hit the target, as you get farther there will be objects in the way, like some machine and these chickens that piss me off, because they get hit by the bomb and i lose.

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