Shoujoboy's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 5

Babes, breasts and blood couldn't save this heaping pile of detritus. In the first 8 or so episodes it's easy to tell that the show is going to be as shallow as an inflatable pool, but it has hopes of at least being a fun show to watch while grunting like a man. Alas it gets boring in a hurry and never pulls itself out of that hole it digs for itself. It goes into a flashback of Maya's past and how her brother died (seriously that's not a spoiler so get over it) and stays there for 8 more episodes, then returns to the present for about 2, only to go back and continue dragging out a past that could have been summed up in fewer episodes. Worse yet, it isn't as if the past that you are forced to see is all that interesting in the first place. In fact it's quite boring.

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Odeena's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 8

Before watching this series, you should know that some scenes are extremely violent and gorey. If that kind of visuals offend you, then you'd best try to find something else to watch. Also, there are several moments of high emotional impact, so you should be aware of that as well if you're easily moved. On the other hand, if you're into hard-core action, dynamic plots and a touch of mystical and supernatural, then this is one of the titles you shouldn't miss.

Tenjho Tenge has a little bit of everything (apart from action, of course): romance - with several love triangles and plenty of dilemmas, drama, ecchi, humour, supernatural, and plenty more. All in all, I think this series is an interesting anime.

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Tareren's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 7

I found that though the storyline is quite standard at the beginning, it turns out to be quite interesting toward the middle of the story when they started to reveal the past. I cannot say that the whole story is quite original as it is a normal kind of fighting story where characters tried to be stronger and everything to avenge somebody, but the presence of the unique characteristic of the school system and also abilities that some characters have had given the whole anime a nice touch.
There is a nice bit of humor here and there, though not really a lot (I like Maya's transformation a lot ^^). I think this anime is more of the serious kind of anime (definitely not light hearted one).

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Kackschredder's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 8

Even though the shonen - school theme isn't new at all, Tenjo Tenge is still very enjoyable because there's great Humour now and then, and the various character realtions allways keep you interested in how the story will go on. One thing which is rather unusual for an anime of this kind is the fact that there are two story arcs, one taking place in the future and one in the past, two years before. However, that makes the viewing pleasure even higher in my opinion, since you never get bored.
Concludingly, I would suggest everyone to watch this great Anime, it´s hard to find a storyline which is as cool and mature in the shonen genre nowadays.

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DarkParagon's Tenjou Tenge Tv Review

Tenjou Tenge

Rated: 8

To me this is the kind of anime that has the qualities I find very endearing. It has a good story, with good action and good re-watchability... it just doesn't go far enough. The most memorable parts of the entire series is the backstory behind Maya, Mitsuomi, Bunshichi and Shin. You're drawn in to finding out what the heck happened to cause things to be the way they are and the anime was successful at keeping me interested. The problem is my interest was never really satisfied. When the audience is left feeling empty (or rather half-full in this case) at the end of a series it can skew their views of the entire thing as a whole. There were too many questions left unanswered... too many plot lines that we saw the beginnings of but then nothing more.

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