Weskalia's Tekken Tv Review

Rated: 6

Contrasting Tekken's main games and the movie is instructive, but one shouldn't let it obscure their similarities. Both are thoroughly preposterous re-interpretations of your favorite fighting game characters as a DBZ-styled free-for-all, best enjoyed by turning your brain off and letting their big, spectacular action sequences carry you along. They differ only in the density of fighting and the context they provide for it. If you're looking for context, this movie will scratch that itch better than the games and probably seem less like a blur of fighting game characters beating each other up in the bargain. And yet still only rarely are these minutes as fulfilling as any successful movie before it. It's nothing qualitative; just a simple matter of magnitude.

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BossMac's Tekken Game Review

Rated: 8

Being a fighting game, there's not really much to it.

There are plenty of unlockables to keep players glued to it but nothing that special for prolonged playing. Maybe if you're into professional playing then you might actually spend an entire day practicing or competing but for normal players, if you've got a bad day, stick this one in and forget about your troubles.

varying on the CPU skill level, you'll either be bored to death by the easiest CPU or get frustrated trying to beat the Ultra Hard CPU. It really depends on your opponent on how hard the fight is going to be. 2-player matches are still the best way to play this. Call some friends and beat the hell out of them or have them beat the hell out of you, you decide.

All in all, very great fighting game.

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