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JiZames' Street Fighter Game Review

Street Fighter

Rated: 9

No matter who you are and how much you dislike the Street Fighter series, you just have to give credit where credit's due...and 3rd Strike truly deserves it. It's sad that the game was completely overlooked by many and even worse, the fact that there's many people that never even knew the game existed.

The gameplay is absolutely packed with depth and complexity, but not so much as to be unplayable or unenjoyable. It requires skill and you definitely can't button mash in this game and expect to do some damage. It's a thinking man's game, the kind where everyone wins by playing mind games and you can feel the heat when your opponent closes in on you.

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MightyLuBu's Street Fighter Tv Review

Street Fighter

Rated: 8

For those who enjoy old school fighting games, the Street Fighter collection not only wrote the book on old fighters, and continues by its creed. The storyline, when analyzed, presents a very intricate story filled with humor, action, determination, and many elements that make this story a keeper, but without being a Shakespeare novel, and people watching will enjoy just as much as people playing (remember the ridiculous lines at the arcade when Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was in its prime?). The series boasts two flaws, however. As with most other fighting games, is that it lacks replay value. With almost no unlockables (with the exception of the cross-over titles) and little to no variation in gameplay, Street Fighter is a series you pick up for a while and put down for even longer.

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