Shoujoboy's Strawberry Panic! Tv Review

Strawberry Panic!

Rated: 9

Strawberry Panic will not instantly hook many as it did me, and takes a good amount of time to actually get up and running before you just have to have more. Not only that but it will rightfully so be compared to its predecessor in Marimite, which is needless to say a very difficult show to surpass. It does provide a good time in the beginning, but will likely lose a lot of viewers before it ever gets close to its climax. By the end of the show it will have played with many emotions. There are times to laugh, times to worry and times to cry. There may be instances that you will want to yell at the screen because they just don't seem to do what you want them to do on the screen. The biggest thing that benefited this show was the 26 episode format fit it perfectly.

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