Nismosis' Strawberry Marshmallow Tv And Manga Review

Strawberry Marshmallow

Rated: 8

The presentation of this is series is befitting to itself in every fashion. Every aspect of Ichigo Mashimaro goes towards emphasizing on the cute girl factor. The music is very catchy and memorable, the animation is soft and very cute, the episode stories are also quite appealing as each one has a way of providing some sort of humorous occurance. The balance of the series is also well balanced for it's appeal. The cutestness is heavily emphasized but it is done so in such a way that it is simply cute and not overdone. Fans of Azumanga Daioh and other cute series will find Ichigo Mashimaro at the top of their list of favorite anime. This series is by far an excellent addition to any collection of cute collectors.

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