SnickerdoodleNinja's Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Tv Review

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Rated: 8

Simply put, Spiral is as much fun as a barrel of monkeys with an ending that makes about as much sense as one. Truly, though, Spiral manages to provide new, interesting challenges to its characters in each episode that leave you wanting more while still having interludes in which characters just go about their daily lives. In fact, Spiral manages to show the character’s day to day lives without a single episode of filler not only by showing the emotions faced every single day, but also by sprinkling in well-placed moments of humor that remind the viewer that while things might be going south the characters are still just teenagers who want normal lives.

Whether you are interested in Spiral for its character development or its mystery, you will enjoy it.

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AyumiNemoto's Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Manga Review

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Rated: 8

Smooth running plot, easy to understand and keeps the reader at the edge of their seat. Does contain violence, blood and lots and lots of explainations. This manga will make the reader keep on reading regardless of type of genre the reader likes (because in my opnion, it has a little bit of every genre). The continuation of new primary and secondary characters popping up is different from most series who introduces all the characters in the beginning. The series also contains the whole "once an question is answer another two dozen questions pops up" factor which makes the reader want to continue reading because everyone hates cliffhangers.

What I found weak about the series was the fact that the characters, besides Ayumu, Eyes, Kanone and Hizumi, had barely to no role at all.

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Asianspirit's Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Tv Review

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

Rated: 9

There are a lot of detective based anime out. But for having the most complicated type of mysteries and puzzles goes to Spiral. The mysteries aren't usually portrayed as <b>who done it?</b> but as games and puzzles to show potential and intellegence. Another factor would be the mixed angst and drama. Such as Ayumu's want to excel his brother, Kiyotaka. However, Kiyotaka was known for being sucessful in everything he has touched, varying to solving mysteries as a detective to being a world-class pianist. This often brought fustration to Ayumu knowing that fact he would never surpass the level his brother is in, let alone accumulate. Also many twists and turns occurs as the series unfolds. Thus, it keeps the series very addicting.

The humor factor in the series is both priceless and so...

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