Kyrokushen's Soul Calibur Tv Review

Rated: 8

Soul Calibur 2 has been Namco’s recent big hits, aside from the earlier Tekken games, which rocked, the company hadn’t brought out anything that was regarded as a classic, from a general gamers point of view. However, with Soul Calibur 2, Namco recreated the weapon-based 3-D fighting experience that thousands have now enjoyed. The game follows the legacy of the demonic Soul-Edge, a sword of apparent unfathomable evil and it covers the quests of various warriors on their quest to destroy the blade permanently. In an odd but interesting move by Namco, the three ports of the game have one character exclusive to its version, it gave PS2 fans Heihachi, from Tekken, Nintendo fans got to play as Link, while X-boxers got to play as the dark comic creation, Spawn.

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