Shoujoboy's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Scrapped Princess

Rated: 8

Adventure anime is a genre that has been on a sharp decline over the years. In years past, Slayers and Record of Lodoss War were gold standards in not only their genre, but anime in general as entertainment. But with the moe craze, the video game/anime tie ins and just the explosion of the harem genre, adventure anime has all but been left behind. Scrapped Princess is one that might have been overlooked or left behind in it's day, but I assure you that it's worth a look.

The story isn't the deepest you may have ever seen, but it's a fun one to experience. Following a group of siblings as they fight for survival and seek answers to questions that they don't even understand, is a fun ride.

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Kukuru's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Scrapped Princess

Rated: 7

There is a bit of everything here; you laugh, you cry, you get annoyed, you feel happy. Storyline lines moved well enough and characters were relatable and likable.

I think this is worth your while watching. It is light-hearted (well compared to some of the other stuff out there) and not too complicated yet enough complexity to keep you interested.

Of course, this is my personal review, but I tried to be as neutral as I could. I think it will be worth your while checking it out, especially fans of shows like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon -Fantasy animes. Now I know they are not really what you can compare it too, but I think people who enjoyed those anime will definitely find some enjoyment out of Scrapped Princess.

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Wiegraf30's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Scrapped Princess

Rated: 4

As an RPG veteran, I had a lot of problems watching this show an enjoying myself at the same time. Cliches left and right, with cookie cutter characters (minus Shannon) that are thrown into the mix in an attempt to get something decent in the end. The humor wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.

The stereotypical "that incident" in this show was a war from 4000 years ago. There's nothing wrong with referring to a war 4000 years ago, but it you're going to, at least make the war a critical point in the story (Xenogears for the PSX is a prime example of a pertinent conflict 4000 years ago). Honestly, they could've just omitted that whole war and the story would have flowed almost the exact same way.

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MissCz's Scrapped Princess Tv Review

Scrapped Princess

Rated: 8

The characters are the one of the most memorable aspects of Scrapped Princess. Every major character at least, has a significant role and is introduced in varying fashions, and has a unique attitude that distinguishes one character to another. Pacifica for example is probably (and obviously) one of the most powerful characters, as she tries to make light of her situation at times, and at other times, she seems sullen and down. Shannon and Raquel heedlessly throw their lives on the line to protect their little sister. These are but a few examples of how the characters make Scrapped Princess so memorable. You can relate and feel what each of the characters feel, and this in turn, just makes you want to watch the next episode just to see what happens next.

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