Kishi720's Saint Seiya Tv Review

Saint Seiya

Rated: 7

A lot of this is talked about in the other topics. It was very original for its time (you can't considerit sentai, there's too many dang suits and it's shounen, sure, but there's some love stories in it), and a few things copied it (or B'tX, in which case sometimes it seems like Kuramada copied himself) There is humor, it doesn't abound and it depends on where you are in the story (more humor is found at the beginning of the whole series and Kiki provides a lot in Poseidon), but you don't always need to laugh. I will again say, I enjoy it, but I do consider it a guilty pleasure of mine even within the anime world. If you like Dragonball Z, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors), or even crazy Greek mythology, give this a whirl, I think you'll like it.

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Hiddensnakehands' Saint Seiya Tv Review

Saint Seiya

Rated: 8

the story presentation is kind of good
In the first part of the anime series, i think it takes them 40 episodes for them to show that seiya, shun, ikki, shiryu, and saori san to go to the Sanctuary, although i think it should take them less and less. I mean the stuff happened before that, the galaxy wars, various chases, are just too long, it takes 20 epsiodes or so for them to show that the pope ordered different people to get different people all over the world.

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Satan123's Saint Seiya Tv Review

Saint Seiya

Rated: 5

Presentation is bad....seriously bad.....
Lack of humour in this anime ( c'mon , at least give us so humour like the ones did in Samurai X.)...... main characters get beaten into a pulp ( yeah...some even not wearing their armor for protection ) and still manage to defeat their enemies.....and what i hate most is that the characters have only one move or skill and they used it everytime to defeat their enemies ...( heck..... same skill may not work again as we already knew how to deal with it right? unless you are a brainless jackass......but they use it over and over again to defeat their moron enemies .........>_< )so no logical explanation here............
one more thing....the story is meant with a sad storyline....with some of the saints ( side characters ) died in battles .......

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Kuclo's Saint Seiya Tv Review

Saint Seiya

Rated: 8

it's very very original,i don't remember other anime with the same story ,characters,powers,it's very enjoyable for fans like us sant seiya it's the same even 10 or 20 years later,for the news generations,maybe not too much,but the new series can be impresive,even for the new otakus,it's an action series ,happy moments and sad too,you can learn something for your own life.if you sill didn't watched the serie you can give a try.

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