Tsunoh's Ragnarok Online Game Review

Ragnarok Online

Rated: 8

The basic structure is like most MMORPGs: hack-and-slash, grind fest, etc. But RO is dear to its players because of the little quirks it has: such as the idea that sticking a card from a monster into your equipment will make it stronger (a concept artists have lampooned many times), the endless HATS! quests that people sink so much time into (because it's the only other way you can customize how your character looks), the PvP system (quite complex; skill and gear are huge factors here and battles can be long and epic depending on the players' abilities) which also leads to the GvG/WoE (War of Emperium; a faction called a Guild versus other Guilds over Castles, which give the owner certain rare items and benefits), an item upgrade system, and Hats.

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Shadowk's Ragnarok Online Game Review

Ragnarok Online

Rated: 7

The handling of the Game is pretty easy. It's build up like Diablo, so your watching your chara from an angle bout 150° above your character. You can change this angle whatever u want, but if u change it too much the game becomes almost unplayable because you can't calculate how far away from your enemy, For Distance fighting chars it's not that important but for Melee Weapon chars it's important to know how fara away the enemy is. You can also zoom in or zoom out if u like to, but if you zoom in too much you won't see whats going on around you. The Interface is quite easy to handle, you have shortcuts for almost everything. For your stats, equip, inventory, your guild, your party, the options and for your party Setup.

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Charlestio's Ragnarok Online Game Review

Ragnarok Online

Rated: 6

The idea of combining the different aspects of the story (Norse mythology) and the aspects of the history of its country of origin (Korea) results in an amalgam of interesting interactions, such as monsters straight out of a Korean ghost story drifting around a map with a Norse sounding name and architecture. It is interesting to note the story behind each and every aspect of the game. More importantly thou, the avatars were presented in a way that avoids the “serious� aspect of most MMORPG’s and is definitely a plus point for some people.

Many aspects of the game get its fuel from player interaction and group-play.

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Xandman's Ragnarok Online Tv Review

Ragnarok Online

Rated: 10

As i wrote before, Ragnarok the Animation got it's roots from the Ragnarok Online game, and the game itself got it's roots from the Ragnarok manga series, so it's all some kind of good circle, haha... But still, I believe that Ragnarok lacks the sense of mythology it's supposed to have. So originality's pretty low, yet everything looks realistic, but still surrealistic. Despite the lack of those factors, i find Ragnarok the Animation to be one of the greatest anime's i've ever seen so far. It made me shed a few tears, but also laugh alot... haha...

Well, the anime itself contains 50% humour, so you can be sure you'll always get a good laugh from it. The expressions, sounds and visual perspective adds up to it alot.

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