Fatimahj's RG Veda Tv Review

RG Veda

Rated: 8

Humour is brought to the table by 3, namely Ashura, Ryu and Kujaku.

*spoiler of sorts* Usually it would be Ryu and Ashura having some kind of fight with Kujaku being the ice-breaker; teasing them both back into good temperament. Yasha on the other hand does not seem to understand or feel the need to participate in any joking around *well who cares, he's 10 men in one ;)*

The film was very enjoyable. I had to wait 4 yrs to receive hope of ever buying this dvd, and the first time I ordered it, i waited 8 months before cancelling my order since they claimed not to have it in stock. The only awful thing was that the films were too short, you're dropped into the middle and have to muddle your own way through.

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