G-dog's Queen's Blade Tv Review

Rated: 4

Season One of Queen’s Blade takes a conventional tournament storyline and injects tons of ecchi. Tonally, it mixes the same blend of drama, humor and action you’ve seen in Bleach, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, and other shonen anime – but its action scenes are hindered by mediocre animation. As with those other titles, the humor in Queen’s Blade is mostly slapstick – that and Nanael acting like an idiot. In short, Queen’s Blade doesn’t have much to distinguish itself, except bare boobs.

Even so, what it does – and does well – is present Leina as an endearing heroine whose spirit is attractive as her body – who you’ll want to see win as much as lose her clothes. She lends a little heart to a show you’ll (admit it) watch mainly for the kinky girl-fights.

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