Joeshen's Prince of Tennis Tv Review

Prince of Tennis

Rated: 8

A nice positive thing about this story is how the characters are diverse (which, again, is a nice touch to reality). From Echizen to Momoshiro to Kaidoh, just by these three alone, you can see that the character's personalities are VERY unique (again, reality). Another positive part about this is how they can get each respective personality to complement each other well when together. Another nice one is just how diverse the characters react when they score a point when they play other teams. The slapstick humor was also a nice touch.

~The Good Side:
- Each individual, as mentioned earlier, is unique with their very own personalities, and by their first tourney, you'll begin to remember their shots and their specialties, as well as their normal personalities.

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Midsummer's Prince of Tennis Tv And Manga Review

Prince of Tennis

Rated: 10

the overall presentation is very well done. it has humor, suspence ,action and many more.... the best theme song with animation i have ever seen is the sssong dream believer with the animation. it comes together very well . it is a must watch for the animations.

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Animefan05's Prince of Tennis Tv Review

Prince of Tennis

Rated: 9

Overall the presentation is fantastic, each character has their own personality which makes the anime interesting such as Inui with his "special juices" and making everyone trying them out (hilarious!), Tezuka a strict captain, Eiji the big kid and some others. The characters style of play is impossible to perform in real life but it is interesting to watch and motivating. This anime is very enjoyable to watch and I recommend it to sport lovers, anime lover well everyone! The creators of The Prince Of Tennis try to make scenes that dont always include tennis so the anime doesnt always stay the same. Its not very original as there is not many animes in Japan that is just based specifically on sport so I would say the idea used for this anime is unique and diffrent.

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Flyindance's Prince of Tennis Tv Review

Prince of Tennis

Rated: 8

Each characters has their own tennis techniques.Some of these techniques is real.Even tennis profesional use them. Here are some of the techniques of the characters. Echizen Ryoma - Twist Serve, Drive B, Tornado Smash, One Foot Spilt Step, Drive A, Momoshiro Takeshi - Dunk Smash, Jacknife, Kaidoh Kaoru - Snake ( Buggy Whip Shot ), Boomerang Snake, Oishi Syuichiroh - Moon Volley, Kikumaru Eiji - Acrobatic Play, Inui Sadaharu - Data Tennis, Fuji Syusuke - Swallow Return, Tezuka Kunimitsu - Tezuka Zone, Kawamura Takashi - Burning Serve, Pentium Wave Ball. Wave Ball, Fuji Yuuta( Fuji Syusuke's brother ) - Super Rising, Twin Spin Shot, Ibu Shinji - Kick Serve, Spot, Kirihara Akaya - Knuckle Serve and many more.

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