Cagalli88's Prétear Tv Review


Rated: 6

One thing about this anime is the hilarious Tanaka voiced by the ever so talanted Koyasu Takehito!! He is short, middle-bald and seemed to know the 'park' that the Awayuki family have. Noy exactly 'park' but more to a jungle. They have bears, crocodile, extinct birds and whats WEIRD is that these animals adore Tanaka!! Their signs of affection includes; biting his bald shining head. Koyasu's voice is so coical!

There were several sad moments especially the episode whereby Hayate finally revealed his feelings for Himeno**spoilers** It is just so touching! The final episode whereby **spoiler** Himeno managed to become Pretear herself witout MERGINNG with the kinghts will make you go, "HAAAA!! Sugoi!!"

In terms of enjoyability, i'll rate it 3/5.

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