Ryodraco's Pokémon Tv Review


Rated: 7

The plot is repetitive to various degrees and some portions of the series (namely mid Johto region) can be very slow and boring. However gems of episodes crop up with fair frequency and new twists on old plots are also attempted at times. Hoenn region onward has some of the best the series has to offer. It is good for what it is, an anime made to advertise a game franchise.

In closing it can be a fun, funny, at times witty, albeit repetitive series. The movies, especially movies 3 and 6 can have surprisingly deep and emotional stories.

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Zelimir's Pokémon Tv Review


Rated: 6

Hm, the originality, well its about a boy trying to be the best, using creatures to battle which are known as pokemon. I didnt find most parts of this anime funny but there were some moments that are quiete funny. If you are looking for really good humour this is not the anime for you, it is mostly about serious battles with pokemon but there are some areas which dont envolve battleing and envolve like them trying to help a pokemon or just about problems healing someone and everything else. This anime is so and so enjoyable, its average and its not special, if you are looking for just people interacting with echother and pokemon battles which are mostly boring, or maybe a guy trying to make his way to the top, you should at least just check this anime out.

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