BossMac's Pet Shop of Horrors Ova Review

Pet Shop of Horrors

Rated: 8

Petshop of Horrors is a simple well-made series. It features a great theme but this mostly makes for the fact that the plot is unoriginal and mostly predictable. Though it follows a simple formula for story, you will enjoy every bit of this and is worth a try. Character development is nothing important in this series as it only gives emphasis on the story.

Though not a blood and gore fest, which is probably good for it, horror fans will enjoy the series and is definitely perfect for a dark night at home with no one with you. Do not expect any Freddy Krueger and Pinhead kind of unleashed hell in this.

A freaky anime, with a freaky character and a freaky story. Humor is definitely absent even though Count D has some punch lines but are so deep you'll rather not think about it.

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