CyanideBlizzard's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 4

I have to confess, I really wanted to like The 3rd Birthday. I wanted to like it when I first picked it up and reviewed it, and two years later I still wanted to like it just as much. It seems someone decided that putting Parasite Eve elements would be able to help carry this game to legendary heights, but instead it just highlighted all the problems even more. I said it before and I’ll say it again, as the game stands by itself it’s a beautiful-looking third person shooter on a system that it really shouldn’t be on, with a storyline that rockets all over the place and is more of a confusing mess than enjoyable.

I can only imagine what game the developers were originally creating before they put in the Parasite Eve elements.

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CyanideBlizzard's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 9

There is a reason why Parasite Eve is still regarding as the best game in the series, both in terms of sales as well as by fans. Despite how old it is, it is still an incredibly strong title that has been lovingly crafted and brilliantly executed. While not a flawless gem, it is a shining example of a way to be adventurous in a genre like RPGs and create a crafty, adult title.

It's a title that I always recommend to those that don't mind a games age and want a good Role Playing Game and it isn't difficult to see why. It's a remnant of an era that has come and gone, and is a shining example of pushing boundaries and standards forward. Great characters, an engaging story and wonderful gameplay.

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Z827's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 8

= This is a Review of The 3rd Birthday =

The 3rd Birthday might not have neccessarily done the original storyline justice , for it had failed to deliver the similar suspense , the mature themes , the dark , mysterious atmosphere that a fan would have once enjoyed in the older franchise , Parasite Eve , nor does it offer the RPG elements it had once offered , The 3rd Birthday is still enjoyable in it's own way , for newer fans to get into the Parasite Eve series and older fans to witness the revival of the perhaps unknown series , for it is overshadowed by other works of Square like Final Fantasy.
Not to mention , it's strangely addictive gameplay would keep you hooked for months.

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Reloaded's Parasite Eve Game Review

Rated: 9

All in all, Parasite Eve is one of the best RPGs around when it was released. The battle system in this game is definitely unique and the one and only. I admit the gameplay is quite hard when you come to face the horrible Mitochondria bosses. But no pain no gain, you won't get to see the rest of the story if you don't defeat them.
This game could be considered as unique with it's battle systems and weapons/armour upgrade. Bonus points earned can be used to pump up whatever you like and it really is worth it. Tools are used to upgrade weapons as well.
After you finish the game for the 1st round, you can replay it in the EX mode with your high levels and weapons. I suggest you replay it in order to get the REAL ending.

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