Krelric's Paradise Kiss Tv Review

Paradise Kiss

Rated: 10

The presentation is down right fabulous. From the characters designs to the feelings each one of them conveys in the viewer, everything is just amazing. It has its funny parts, as well as the general angst of life. The situations of the different characters, and how they all resolve them (or run from them in certain cases) makes the viewer think this is a plausible story. The irony of life is present during the whole story; how even if you expect something and are almost sure it will be that way, sometimes, life tricks you and it turns out completely different.

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Shoujoboy's Paradise Kiss Tv Review

Paradise Kiss

Rated: 9

Who knew? There were two main reasons I bought Paradise Kiss. One is that I am the biggest Geneon DVD whore on the earth and the other is well it was called Paradise Kiss and if any title screams "shoujo" that one does. I'm a sucker I admit. When I first started the show I had no idea that I would enjoy as much as I did, much to my chagrin. It has a simple plot that is enjoyable to watch. Characters that you can love one minute and want to punch in the face the next. Top notch voice acting and music. Attractive and extremely detailed animation. It's got it all and in only 12 episodes. I won't say it's one of the greatest animation achievements in history, but a damn fine watch at least.

As for recommending it, it's a rather hard sell.

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Cagalli88's Paradise Kiss Tv And Manga Review

Paradise Kiss

Rated: 7

All in all, Paradise Kiss is a wonderful story packed with beautiful art, beautiful characters and not forgetting, beatiful designs! Personally i LOVE this manga and if i were given the chance to make everyone go out and buy the copies, i would! Its one of the best manga that i have ever read and i strongly recommend this to you.

Give Paradise Kiss a try, afterall, we have seen too many mangas that have big boobs, fighting scenes, love triangle, dramas and bla bla bla. Paradise Kiss is faar from that. It is a mature reading (meaning that relationships are handled maturely, no backstabbing or love triangles that cannot be solved) I really enjoyed reading Paradise Kiss. It doesnt lack in humour and is a fun read. Like i mention earlier, the comedic timing is flawless.

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