Maceart's Ojamajo DoReMi Tv Review

Ojamajo DoReMi

Rated: 10

I value Ojamajo Doremi very very highly. This is well on my top list for one of the best anime ever. Never have I seen such drama, comedy, romance, angst in a children`s mahou shoujo show. Now if only I can find the DVD`s somewhere, I would be able to patch up some missing episodes I didn`t see in Taiwan Animax.

I enjoyed Ojamajo Doremi immensely. It had me crying, laughing, thinking, all at the same time. For a 200+ episode mahou shoujo anime to do that, I was very impressed. Even the movies weren`t standard cookie cutter mahou shoujo movies (cough cough nurse angel and sailor moon). They both TAUGHT something, and I believe that an anime should teach something to the audience to be truely enjoyable.

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