CyanideBlizzard's Nyan Koi! Tv Review

Rated: 7

Nyan Koi! isn't going to win any awards, nor is it going to convert someone over to harem series if they weren't interested before. It has it's own share of fan service scenes, and typical cliche plot lines. Yet, within all of this we're greeted with an interesting concept and characters that develop within the twelve episodes we're given. Nyan Koi! would be what I would describe as a guilty pleasure through and through. It's nothing you'll remember several weeks down the road for it's amazing characters and great plot development, but if it fits the bill it will most likely be a series that you'll end up revisiting at one point or another.

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Prooof's Nyan Koi! Tv Review

Rated: 6

I seriously enjoyed this series, looking foward to watching each week. I laughed out loud often, and there was a coherent plot and development that retained my interest consistently. While it doesn't break any significant new ground, what it does have is done well. If you enjoy this genre (romance comedy/harem), Nyan Koi! is a definite must watch. This series doesn't impress critically, but certainly provides some good light-hearted entertainment.

The anime is pretty short, it takes various chapters from the manga and also has some exclusive content. The 12 episodes are fairly self-contained, so I recommend reading the manga as well if you like the series.
A second season has been announced so I look foward to that too =D.

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