Ziam's NANA Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

NANA is enjoyable to read because readers can relate it to their own daily lifes. And it also has some classic moments which readers will never forget. Of course NANA is pretty funny as well, thus making it more entertaining.
Overall, NANA is a great shojo manga which I recommend to all girls (and guys who are interested). It is a manga that can have you emotionally attached to, and craze over. It can also make you think, and make you inspired by the characters inside. In NANA you can find someone you love, someone like you, someone you look up to, someone to make you happy, someone good looking, someone your Superstar.

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Tareren's NANA Manga Review


Rated: 8

I think NANA has a good plot, which is very relevant in our everyday's lives. There is no so called 'magic' in the way the both Nanas tried to reach their dreams. They went through so much troubles that is highly realistic in our today's lives. The concept of friendship between the two Nana here and how much they value each other is truly shown in a series of twisted events.

Not only that, each characters had developed well in terms of their personality, and we could see it being reflected in their actions, attitudes, even down to the way they dressed up. Yazawa sensei had done a good job in elaborating each character's personalities and in showing how they grow up to be more mature after each incidents.

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