Burnouts3s3's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 8

Mai Hime is just one of those good animes that any casual fan can get into. It's likable, it doesn't leave the audience out of the loop, and it gives opportunity to write about the characters and their relationship in general. Where other series struggle to combine elements of different genres, Mai Hime perfectly blends two genres into one. If there's any complaint, it would be the ending. Considering the amount of development throughout the work, the ending feels like a cop-out. However, this anime is just fun, dramatic and good.

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Dregon828's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 10

As I said before, this show grabs you by the throat at the very first episode and doesnt let go until the very end. The humor is everyday life humor when there is any to be had but for the most part (after the first 8 episodes anyway) this show is very dramatic. This is a thrill ride of an emotional rollercoaster that no one should miss. The concept is very clearly put. And the show left no questions I had unanswered. For a show that has had all of its idea's done before it pull off being original unbelievably well.

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Rosegirl18's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 9

Mai-HiME definitely seems to have a bit of everything in its small capacity. The first half is filled with humor and light romance, while the last half flourishes with drama and angst. I found that the transition could have been better, however, as the whole thing changed its theme in one episode. Another fault was that Mai-HiME had too many characters for 26 episodes. Other than the three main characters, Mai, Mikoto, and Natsuki, almost no other characters were introduced or explained properly except for the part that they were needed for (eg. love interest, bad guy). I found this unfortunate because with a few more episodes, the anime could have been much more developed and smooth in plot transition. Mai-HiME needed all those characters, so it would have been good to release an OVA.

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Fuuiin's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 7

Since I watched all of it, I would say it's worth watching. It's definitely not slow so if there are bad parts it goes by pretty fast. Since not a lot of questions are answered along the way you are left watching till the end to find out what's going on. A good combination of happy, sad, and bitter sweet moments. The story although not too special isn't so bland that it's not worth watching. At least they portray the characters pretty realistically even though they might not look so realistic. The background music also makes it very enjoyable. Humor is present in those anime typical laugh moments, but otherwise it's pretty sad all the way up till the end.

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Boojitsu's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 9

originality was good, but the fact that they didn't organize the flow of events as much as i would like, nor did they scatter it in a logical way, made me, at the end, have to sit down and re-assemble the pieces given to me at random times. the humor was used appropriately, playing off of other girl-action animes and such, but thankfully they didn't over-do the "whoops i touched your boob" type humor. it was only used sparingly in comparison to other animes. The story, sfx, art, and presentation of the anime was done well. The only complaint i would have, i guess, is that the scenes jump around a little too much for my liking. They cut the scenes fine, but in terms of flow of information, i prefer a more solid presentation of ideas.

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Fonzie's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 8

As I previously mentioned, I found this series highly enjoyable to watch, and was really compelled by the characters' unique personality and the ample cast of cute girls and (and a perverted guy ^^). The first 10 or so episodes of this series contain no shortage of fanservice/ecchi which are incidentally a big part of the comedy which also features heavily. There are also subtle tributes to Iron Chef and Ninja movies/anime which are also add a hint of nostalgic humour to the series. Once again, the aesthetics and tone of the series takes quite a turn after this point, which is gives just the same, if not more reason to continue watching.

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Shinsengumi's My-HiME Tv Review

Rated: 8

There have been plenty of other anime with cute girls, with cute girls with magical powers, and even cute girls with magical powers and mecha. But in few such anime does everything -- the plot, the character design, the humor, the music, etc. -- fit together so well to create an anime which on the surface or on paper may not sound particularly interesting, but which nonetheless manages to snag a viewer's interest from episode to episode.

Here is an anime where while the first episode might not captivate a viewer as much as, say, a Last Exile because of its originality, the setting and characters are set into place with minimum fuss early on such that the plot really takes off early on, and just keeps on getting better and better as the series progresses.

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