Z827's Metal Gear Solid Game Review

Rated: 9

This is a Review of Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker have lived up to it's SOLID name.
Fascinating plotline which makes the player think about the war , the fine line between peace and war - as well as the price of peace in itself. The political struggles , actual theories of war brought into place and nuclear deterrence - that in itself had made this tale an invaluable experience.
Oh , did I mention that this game - too - bears plenty of humor and Easter Eggs? The side-missions and some of the documents can really bring a smile to the player's face - both new and old fans alike.

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Chaos' Metal Gear Solid Tv Review

Rated: 10

This time the controls have a new element that is known as CQC (Close Quarter Combat). For those who are very familiar with the gameplay from MGS 2, you won't have problems executing the CQC actions in no time. Now you'll be able to do more than just shoot the enemy in case you're in trouble; not only will you be able to strange or hold the enemy, but you can also make a swift throw that will knock him out with one blow, disarm and hold up a soldier, use him as a human shield and you can even squeeze information out of him and maybe kill him by slitting his throat with your knife. It may take a little while getting used to the nuances of CQC, but you'll feel just right like a great combatant as soon as you master it.

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MightyLuBu's Metal Gear Solid Tv Review

Rated: 9

Simply put, the Metal Gear Solid series has been a revolutionary masterpiece. Derived from the original Metal Gear games for Nintendo, Metal Gear Solid has taken a decently unused and unplayed series and turned it into an icon of video games today.

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