Shoujoboy's Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game Review

Rated: 7

Here's where the glowing review will lose a little bit of it's luster.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that if you were a master of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and you expected those skills would carry over... well, think again. There's no more LP, HP, LK, HK going on, instead it went for Weak, Strong, Fierce and a pop-up button. You don't ever have to wonder if a character pops up the other with a down+HP or just a HK, there's one button that does that for every character. It takes some getting used to and definitely takes a while to reprogram yourself from your Marvel vs Capcom 2 days.

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Luggernaut's Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game Review

Rated: 8

oh me oh my, the colours. While the flashy, bright lights might be enough to kill an old person, the game is by far the greatest marvel x capcom ever. The graphics are pimped up, the fighting engine, while a tiny bit confusing/ choppy, is easy to pick up and learn and the banter and insults the characters throw around are hilarious. The character design is simply, to put it in one word, HAWT. I love how Trish is beautiful and can open a can of whuparse on anybody. I love how Deadpool jokingly struts/moonwalks across the locales, and says things you'll be repeating to anyone who'll lsiten.

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